Instagram videos are an excellent way that nonprofits can promote their cause in a fun and easy way. That’s especially true when coordinating it with YouTube.  Using both of these platforms will help you increase your followers. In time, it’ll also raise the necessary funds you need for your programs.

There are over one billion users on Instagram, which is an opportunity for your charity. People love visual photographs and videos. In other words, Instagram’s has enormous popularity. So, our team wanted to bring you our top insights and tips so you can leverage this platform. Don’t miss our recent content for you about Instagram success!

Growth Hacking for Beginners

Growth hacking is an important activity that is necessary for social media. It means having a focus on strategies that will grow your followers and viewership. And, you do this while spending as little of your dollars as possible.

Instagram is an excellent platform for growth hacking. It’s especially true when you develop videos and promote them YouTube and Instagram. Why YouTube? That answer is easy. Today’s public wants to see visual content. Let’s face it. Attention spans have declined, and people consume information in small digestible bits. Instagram offers you an excellent platform to spread the word about the work you do. And it can provide snippets about the long-form video content you have on YouTube.



Who Knew YouTube is so Big?

You know the largest search engine in the world is Google––and YouTube follows it. When you link your work on Instagram and YouTube, you leverage both platforms. When the AI bots and crawlers scour the internet, it will help your group rise to the top on searches. So, let’s get started. We have tips for you about what you can do to ensure that you get the most out of Instagram videos and also YouTube.

Search Engine Optimization Results You Can Live With

When using YouTube, make sure to upload a video. Maximize videos for search engine optimization (SEO) results. It will help you grow your audience. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. When you augment it with the power of Instagram, it will aid you in increasing your viewership. And, of course, that’s the goal.

The Thumbnail Secret

When you create fantastic video content for YouTube, you can add a thumbnail image. It will help you promote your YouTube video. Next, you’ll want to write a little text to your post encouraging people to check out your video. Don’t forget to add the YouTube URL address for the video. 

Sharing is Caring

Everyone knows by now that social media is about sharing. When you post video clips to Instagram of longer content on YouTube, use #S4S (shoutout for shoutout). Also, tag some of your followers or influencers in the nonprofit industry. Provide everyone with a call to action (CTA) to share or tag others.

Teaser Video Clip: What Professionals Do

You can have fun with Instagram in another way to promote videos featured on YouTube. Develop a teaser video clip (think of it as a trailer for a feature-length movie). Then, upload that to Instagram. Don’t forget when you do this to provide your followers with a call to action to see your YouTube video. So, give them the URL address for it!

Instagram Ad Eyeballs

If you have a YouTube video that you want to spend more time promoting, consider an Instagram ad. An ad is another opportunity for you to get more eyeballs on the video. Instagram allows you to create a video that is up to 60 seconds in length. When you create the Instagram ad, make it a point to include a CTA that includes a “Learn More.” Remember, if you decide to create an ad, make it as compelling as possible and cut any “selling.”

Those are this week’s tips for helping you leverage the power of Instagram Videos and YouTube. Next week on our blog we’ll be sharing you some of our favorite social media management tools. You won’t want to miss it!

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