A new group of donors and volunteers have arrived! We’ve got all the information you need to start planning your millennial fundraising strategy. To start off, let’s look at some basic knowledge for perspective.


Who are Millennials?

Pew Research defines millennials as anyone born between 1981 and 1996. Many people have argued about the age cut-off for Millennials and Generation Z. Yet, some young individuals self-identify themselves regardless of research, but we are going with 1981 to 1996.

Now onto the juicy stuff.


Millennials at museum


What motivates Millennial fundraising?

A sense of making a difference is powerful for this generation. In other words, they want a sense of gratification with the money and time they are giving to a fundraiser. Millennials would rather donate to a cause, rather than an organization as a whole.


Millennials volunteering at fundraiser



Girl on phone


How can you reach them?


Millennials spend an average of 7.2 hours a day online. Social media and website management play a huge role in successful marketing for Millennials. If you haven’t invested time into your digital presence, you can start with some of our digital marketing resources to get you on the right track.


Millennial donating to fundraiser


Are Millennials long-term donors? 

40% of Millennial donors are enrolled in a monthly giving program. Long-term giving is definitely not out of the question for this generation, but keep in mind that your strategy must consistently encompass their motivations for giving. Since millennials are giving primarily online, make sure your website is optimized for monthly and annual contribution options.




Why should I target Millennials?

There are a lot of them out there! Millennials make up one-quarter of the world population. Notably, this generation is willing to contribute their time and resources unlike any generation we have seen before in the fundraising sector.


Millennials taking a picture


How do I grab their attention?

Overall, your fundraiser should have three things to get millennials involved:

  • Digital presence
  • A direct impact on the community/cause you are helping
  • Ways to show off social good

If you are looking for a creative fundraiser that has everything you need to get millennials involved in your organization, definitely try a shoe drive fundraiser. It’s no cost to you and we give you all the resources you need for your digital marketing efforts


Funds2Orgs Shoe Drive Fundraiser


In conclusion, millennial donors and volunteers are taking over the fundraising world and it’s time to start making them a part of your fundraising strategy. Unlock a new target audience with the new generation of fundraising.

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