After your teammates clean out their own closets, they may ask, “where else can I collect from?” One of the many answers is nearby neighborhoods! We recently had a drive who had a very successful weekend by engaging their neighbors and here is how they did it:

They printed 50 flyers for each of their 24 teammates to place on the front doors of houses. These flyers ended up reaching hundreds of homes, nearby. Getting the right information to these possible donors is very important so the flyers must answer all possible questions. Including, who is collecting, why you are collecting, where the shoes end up, who can be contacted with any questions, and how can we as neighbors help?

They asked that donors leave a bag of all pairs of shoes at the front door or in the driveway and they will be picked up from 9am-2pm on a Sunday. This group collected 50 bags in one day and you can too!

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