Unique Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits & Churches

Unique fundraising ideas are not always easy to discover. However, they’re essential because donors don’t always have the money to give to your nonprofit. In fact, supporters are looking for different ways to support their favorite causes. And, if it includes an approach that can make a global impact, that’s even better!

Funds2Orgs has worked with thousands of nonprofits, churches, civic groups, animal rescues and shelters, and even international NGOs. One of the reasons why so many have trusted us with their goals is because we’re one of the most unique fundraising ideas available. Shoe drive fundraisers offer a fresh opportunity to get support from your donors. By the way, we’re also accredited by the Better Business Bureau with many reviews from happy partners.

Unique Fundraising Ideas Start with Making a Difference

Unique Fundraising Ideas Start with Making a Difference
When you do a shoe drive fundraiser, your nonprofit, church, or group is getting a truly unique fundraising idea. Additionally, you’re also offering your community a socially responsible way to support your cause. In other words, when you partner with Funds2Orgs, you not only raise money for your nonprofit or charity, but you also help change the world. Here’s how:


You offer your supporters a unique fundraising idea.
Your community wants to support you, but there are many demands for their money. So, a shoe drive fundraiser offers you a chance to show them that you understand. There’s no need for volunteers to sell merchandise to family and friends. And, there’s no need for them to make a financial contribution to this unique fundraising idea. Instead, Funds2Orgs will give you a check for the gently worn, used and new shoes you collect. That’s it! The more shoes you receive, the more money your cause makes.


You keep good quality shoes out of landfills.
When you do a shoe drive fundraiser, you help your community get rid of shoes they no longer want or need. Most families have 10 pairs they no longer use. And, a shoe drive fundraiser is an excellent way for them to dispose of these shoes. Instead of throwing good shoes in the trash, which ends up going to landfills and harming our planet, this unique fundraising idea offers an alternative. People give you their shoes, Funds2Orgs issues you a check. We then ship the shoes to micro-entrepreneurs.


You help support micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations
Another reason why a shoe drive fundraiser is a unique fundraising idea is that it keeps on giving. You raise money. And, you keep quality shoes out of landfills. But, you also aid people living in poverty to help themselves. In developing nations, there are few job opportunities. So, selling merchandise is one of the crucial ways that people make a living for their families. Meaning, the shoes you collect become inventory for micro-entrepreneurs to sell in their communities.

Does this unique fundraising idea sound like something you’d like to try? Email Funds2Orgs today at [email protected] or call us at 407.930.2979 for more information.


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