If you’re the CEO of a national nonprofit chapter or affiliate group, one of the activities you must do is find talented people to lead chapters you create. In fact, one can argue that this is one of the most important things you do for your nonprofit. As you know, good nonprofit leadership can make all the difference in terms of your success. When the time comes to find new leadership talent, keep the following five tips in mind as qualities necessary in the people you seek.



5 Qualities for the Best Nonprofit Leaders

1. Nonprofit Leaders Innovate

One of the top attributes for nonprofit leadership at a national organization is innovation. As you know, we live in a world that is continually changing. As a result, it requires people to develop creative solutions for everything, from fundraising to addressing challenges that arise. When speaking to chapter candidates for executive positions, ask questions that invite them to share how they developed innovative solutions for today’s complex world.

2. Quick Thinking is Essential

As we mentioned in our earlier point, the world moves at a fast clip now. And that means that nonprofit leaders have to think on their feet. For better or worse, we live at an age that leaders can’t always control everything that happens. So, when you are considering talent, ask probing questions about how they’ve dealt with unexpected circumstances. What transpired in the past that was a challenge, and how did they deal with it—quickly—to not allow it to get worse?

3. Risk-taking is Vital for Nonprofit Leadership

It’s said that some nonprofit leaders are risk-averse. However, risk is a necessary part of being an excellent nonprofit leader. Therefore, it’s crucial to find people for leadership positions who understand how to take calculated risks. Also, they need to have learned from any failures that could have transpired from that risk. Remember, the best nonprofit leaders thrive on informed risk to improve the work of their group and move things forward.

4. Top Leaders Are Self-Motived

Motivation is one of the essential life skills. And, the same hold trues in the business and nonprofit worlds. If your group seeks to expand its work with a new chapter, it requires motivated people. Thus, the nonprofit leader you select must be someone who understands how to motivate themselves. As a result of it, they bring energy to the job and get others to follow them.

5. Good Listeners Make Excellent Leaders

Finally, the best nonprofit leaders listen more than they speak. They understand that it’s essential to hear what others say. Therefore, when you search for new talent to lead your chapter groups, keep an ear out for a bit of silence. You want to hear what talented candidates have to say, but you also want them to listen. The top leaders understand that listening allows for information gathering. Ultimately, that informs their decisions.

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