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Raise funds for your organization by collecting gently worn, used or new shoes.

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Profit $ense Fundraising has partnered with Funds2Orgs (the leading shoe drive fundraising social enterprise in North America) to bring you an innovative fundraising initiative called SHOES4PROFIT. Our SHOES4PROFIT campaign involves your school, group, or organization collecting gently worn, used, or new shoes. We provide you with the marketing materials and tools to promote your campaign. Join the many others who have successfully raised money – without ever having to ask for a financial donation or sell a product.

With SHOES4PROFIT You can help make a difference!

The shoes you collect will provide basic necessities for families while helping your organization meet its own financial goals. The shoes from your SHOES4PROFIT fundraiser are consolidated and shipped to 25 developing countries. Business operators clean or make minor repairs to the shoes they receive. Micro-entrepreneurs repurpose every donation into a new pair of shoes or usable goods. This allows thousands of underprivileged people to start, maintain, and grow a micro-enterprise. That means YOU can collect SHOES4PROFIT- it’s that simple!

Funds2Orgs Micro-Enterprise in action!

Why should my group do a SHOES4PROFIT Fundraiser?

  • To raise thousands of dollars for your organization in an easy and proven way.
  • Because a good fundraising event should offer more than an opportunity to just raise funds.
  • To provide your community with a socially responsible way to dispose of shoes they no longer want or need. This is beneficial to the environment and health.
  • For the reason that the shoes collected will go to 25 developing nations around the world and give an economic lifeline to micro-entrepreneurs who need sustainable incomes.

SHOES4PROFIT is Easy . . . .

  • You get a Funds2Orgs fundraising coach to work with you from start to finish.
  • You receive a Welcome Kit with all of the collection material you’ll need for your first 100 bags.
  • If you need more materials, all you have to do is call your fundraising coach.
  • You receive all of the promotional and marketing material, branded to your organization.
  • You get a whole new way to engage and message donors, supporters and followers!
  • The Funds2Orgs logistics team will coordinate with you to pick up the shoes collected, so you never have to worry about shipping or sending the shoes anywhere.

The formula is simple
The More SHOES4PROFIT you collect,
The More Money You Make!

  • You are paid based on the total weight of the shoes collected.
  • Within 48 business hours of the shoes being received at the international Funds2Orgs depot, a check is issued to you.
  • No Selling, No Money Collecting, No Tallying, No waiting for a product to arrive, No missing items or adjustments!

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