How To Dominate Your Fundraising

The fundraising landscape in the philanthropic sector is changing rapidly. The vast majority of nonprofits work with very small budgets. Yet, organizations need to stay ahead of the developments occurring in the industry because competition for funding is becoming tighter. The nonprofits and social enterprises that succeed are those able to adapt and evolve in this new environment.

This books gives small and medium-sized social sector organizations easy-to-read thinking and strategies to help readers understand and adapt to the changes happening in the social sector. Co-authored by Wayne Elsey and Linda N. Spencer, Not Your Father’s Charity: How to DOMINATE YOUR Fundraising To Create YOUR Success, Volume 4, readers will learn from experience. The authors both have years of know-how and they share their thoughts, best practice tips and ideas to help you dominate in your fundraising for the sustainability and success of your organization.

Carrie Reichartz, Co-Founder, Operation Give Hope, author and speaker wrote the Foreword to this insightful book. If you fundraise or lead a nonprofit, school, church or social enterprise, this book is a no-nonsense guide on how to take your efforts to the next level.


The 7 Grip & Rip Principles of Nonprofit Leadership

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Learn everything you need to know about how your nonprofit can adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of fundraising.

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