The lack of school funding in the US is leading most schools to cut programs and extracurricular activities, including the arts and physical education. As the needs of public and private schools grow, PTA and PTO organizations across the country are struggling to bridge the gap between these needs and the extreme budget cuts to education in most districts. These extreme cuts are leaving forcing PTAs and PTOs to find alternative PTA fundraising ideas and PTO fundraising ideas.
Funds2Orgs understands the needs of these organizations to find alternative methods to fundraiser for their schools. We’ve worked with hundreds of PTA and PTO organizations across the country, helping them meet their financial goals. Through shoe drive fundraisers, PTA programs and PTO programs have successfully exceeded their year-end goals without becoming a financial burden on their families or the community.

Our unique, no calorie, kid friendly school fundraiser is the perfect solution to refresh dated PTA fundraising ideas and PTO fundraising ideas, while meeting the regulations and limitations of new legislation. We work with your PTA or PTO to create revenue streams with no upfront costs and no added calories, keeping your school within the new policy guidelines for school fundraisers.

New playground equipment, funding for the arts, larger sports programs, impact learning, and so much more are now an easy reach for most schools to obtain through their PTA and PTO support lines. Contact Funds2Orgs today, [email protected], and see how we can work to make YOUR school a better place for everyday learning with our PTA and PTO fundraisers.

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Micro-Enterprise Curriculum

Our new Micro-Enterprise Curriculum allows schools across the country to teach the importance of good business and the role of  micro-enterprises in worldwide communities. We hope students are inspired to host a shoe drive fundraiser for their school to raise money and make a global impact.

The Micro-Enterprise Curriculum has four levels: Elementary, Middle, High, and Homeschool. Each level is broken into 5 Modules: General Business, General Marketing, Micro-Enterprise Fundamentals, Creating a Micro-Enterprise Business Plan, and Finance. Accompanying worksheets and a complete teacher’s guide for each module will help students understand the importance of local businesses/ Micro-enterprises and their impact on worldwide communities.

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