One of the questions we receive the most is which shoes are good enough for to be donated to a shoe drive fundraiser. The easiest answer is that you and your supporters should give shoes that you would wear yourselves. If you wouldn’t wear the footwear, then you shouldn’t add those shoes to the collection.

What Happens with the Shoes We Collect?

When your nonprofit, school, sports team, youth group or civic organization does a shoe drive fundraiser with Funds2Orgs, we consolidate all of the shoes from your event with those of others. We ship the shoes to micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations around the world.

Micro-entrepreneurs seek to sell the footwear collected in shoe drive fundraisers across the United States in their local communities. In turn, they create their own economic opportunities in countries and localities where there are systemic poverty and little chance for jobs that provide a good income. That means that the shoes gathered in the U.S. have to be good enough for people in other parts of the world to buy the footwear––otherwise, micro-entrepreneurs are left with inventory that does not sell, and they don’t make money. That defeats the purpose of the shoe drive fundraising business model.


What Shoes Are Acceptable to Give?

When you do a shoe drive fundraiser with us, we accept gently worn, used and new shoes. We don’t allow single shoes because they can’t be sold. Shoes must be in the best condition possible. We do not accept:

  • Shoes with soles that are melted, distorted or unwearable.
  • Shoes with heals that are worn or broken.
  • Wet shoes or those affected by mold.
  • Mismatched pairs of shoes.
  • Upper shoes that are worn or unwearable.

You can learn more about how to create a quality collection of shoes for your fundraiser by downloading our “Shoe Collection Guidelines.”

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