So, you’ve signed on to do a shoe drive fundraiser with Funds2Orgs.

You’re probably wondering, “Now what?”

Take a moment to watch some videos by Joe.  He’s our marketing manager and social media superstar, and in this quick video, Joe explains why you should be in close touch with your fundraising coach.

Now’s the time to get to know your fundraising coach and start planning your fundraiser. The Funds2Orgs coaching team knows shoe drive fundraising, which means you don’t have to be the expert and you can rely on us to help you obtain success.

As you probably know, we’ve worked with thousands and thousands of partners across North America. Those include schools, nonprofits, churches, youth groups, sports teams, civic organizations, families, and others.

Let’s dive right into the reasons why you should communicate and rely on your fundraising coach and speak to them each week.

  • The fundraising coaching team has broad experience working with all types of organizations and groups in urban, suburban and rural areas. That experience has allowed the team to know what works where for your particular type of fundraiser.
  • The fundraising coaching team help guide you by directing you to the resources we have in the Shoe Drive Materials page and our Free Learning Center.
  • Collectively, the fundraising coaches have the opportunity to speak with hundreds of partners who are having shoe drive fundraisers at the same time you are, and during their meetings, they discuss what’s working and what isn’t. By staying in close touch with the fundraising coaches, you’re not only picking their mind for strategies, tips, and ideas, but you’re also benefiting from the experiences of many other partners past and present.
  • The Funds2Orgs fundraising coaches are there to remind you that we’re the only fundraising company that serves to give you the best thought leadership on shoe drive fundraisers. A lot of this is found on our Tips for Success page, and our coaches also rely on these tips because it comes from best practice and experience.
  • If you have any questions about what “gently worn, used and new shoes” means, simply snap a couple of pictures of the shoes, email them to the coaching team, and they’ll tell you if the shoes would be accepted. (Remember, the footwear is shipped to micro-entrepreneurs who need high-quality shoes so they can sell them for a profit in their small businesses).
  • We all know that marketing and promotions are essential for fundraising success. The fundraising coaches are at the ready to help guide you with sample posts, templates and other resources that you can use to help ensure your supporters and the broader community are aware of your shoe drive fundraiser.
  • Our fundraising coaches have a direct line to the logistics team. We know that you want to receive your check as soon as possible, and the fundraising coaches work closely with the logistics team. If they become aware that a truck will be in your area, even though your fundraiser is not completed, they will inform the logistics team to see if a mid-drive pickup can be scheduled so you can receive a check for the footwear you’ve collected to that point.

For more videos from Joe, please like our Facebook page or visit our YouTube channel where you can see all of the videos Joe has done for our fundraising partners. There’s a lot to learn from our fundraising coaches and Joe about shoe drive fundraising and also broader fundraising and social media marketing tips and strategies.

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