for your school, PTA/PTO, youth group or sports team


Simply by collecting gently worn, used and new athletic shoes.

Why Athletic Shoes?

Athletic shoes are a mode of transportation in the 25 developing nations where Sneakers4Funds works. Children and families need these types of shoes to go to school, work and simply to get around.

What Types of Athletic Shoes Are Collected?

Sneakers4Funds seeks athletic shoes that are gently worn, used and new. Athletic shoes include sneakers, trainers, cross-trainers, walking shoes and racing shoes.

Here at Sneakers4Funds we pride ourselves on maintaining the free spirit of fun and exercise. Athletic organizations across the country now have a calorie free, sports team fundraising idea that benefits their team and impacts individuals around the globe. To get your team involved and start your sports fundraisers, give us a call today at 407-930-2979 or click to our dedicated website http://sneakers4funds.com/