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3 Cs of Storytelling

To understand how to tell your story, the first thing you need to do is to know the 3 Cs.

1. Character

Sharing with your supporters precisely who you are in the community. When you share your organization’s character in telling your story, you also want to make an emotional connection with your audience.

2. Conflict

As you know, people need to understand in your storytelling the “why.” In other words, what is the reason your character brand exists? And what is the situation that you want to solve?

3. Change

Finally, the third “C” relates to the impact you and your supporters make in the community. As a result of your intervention and donor support, you achieve a specific impact. In storytelling, the change is the vision you set for the future.

Consider Where Your Narrative Gets Told and Shared

For storytelling to work well for your organization, you also must understand the medium where it gets shared. For example, the primary way you may find for telling your story is through email marketing. Email marketing affords you an excellent opportunity to develop the character of your organization.

However, you also have opportunities for telling your story through social media and even your website. For social, your audience could learn about individual stories. (Share 5 stories to optimize storytelling). And, of course, remember your website is your hub for storytelling. For instance, you could share through blogs and resources.

Questions to Ask Your Board Members for Storytelling

We know that your board members are a crucial part of your story. And, there’s an excellent way to get them involved. As we all know, people liked to get asked for their thoughts. So, as you prepare for storytelling, ask your board the following questions.

  1. What is our storytelling priority to share?
  2. Why is our story essential to our town?
  3. What separates our group from others?
  4. Since our start, what lessons have we learned?
  5. What does the content we share offer the community?
  6. How have we transformed and made an impact?

3 Types of Videos You Must Make Sure to Share

When telling your story, as you know, videos make all the difference now. As great as the written word is, pictures and video images mean a much higher engagement rate. So, there are three introductory videos that you should share with your audience.

  1. High-Value Production: For storytelling, these videos are attention-grabbing and well produced. They help promote your work in the community.
  2. Educational: These kinds of videos for telling your story are informative. They show the need, but they also help you demonstrate the impact.
  3. Personal Story: For nonprofits, these kinds of storytelling videos are excellent because they help your audience relate to someone’s story.

Creative Content Tips for Storytelling

Finally, to ensure you master the art of storytelling, the following are a few of our content tips. To get the whole list, please download all the free webinar material HERE.

  1. Build a community that you could convert to become donors.
  2. Educate first, sell second!
  3. Remember that credibility is vital. So, show the impact of your storytelling.
  4. Have fun with your audience. Don’t be afraid to share your video bloopers.
  5. Switch things up by sharing engaging content, and also fun.

Storytelling doesn’t have to be hard. But, yes, it does take some planning. And at a time when there’s just so much content out there, you want to make sure to keep things fresh and exciting. That also means having creative fundraisers! Remember, smart marketing helps drive your fundraising.


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