Leaders should strive to get teens involved in their community efforts, including raising awareness and even fundraising for high schools, youth groups or clubs. It helps create various win/win situations both for the teens and the organizations.

  • Teens typically have to earn community service hours, and having the opportunity to raise money for a charity through a fundraiser, including a shoe drive fundraiser, can help them make those hours because they’re helping raise funds for a good cause.
  • Having teens involved in a fundraiser inevitably helps raise awareness for a cause because they end up speaking to their families, friends and the broader community if they are involved in fundraising.
  • Today’s teens are excellent at using social media to promote and help spread a message in ways that few other people can manage. They know how to mobilize like few other groups and bring people together around a cause if they are involved and care about making a difference.
  • Teens will be teens, and they should have fun. Getting them engaged in a fundraiser helps them develop their own friendly competitions among each other or teams they put together. If you’re able to help capture their imagination, there’s nothing that teens can’t do to make any event or fundraiser fun and exciting.
  • By giving them responsibility for leading community building and brand awareness efforts, you’re helping teens to develop their skills around leadership, organizing and team-building. All of these are core competencies for them to have for themselves and also for their ongoing school years.

Organizations that understand the importance of engaging youth in their activities have a higher level of engagement and success because they know the power of having teenagers become amplifiers for their cause.

  • Today’s generation of youth is among the first to be fully immersed in the digital world and social media from an early age, meaning, they know how to mobilize their friends and community using social media to get support for a cause. Today’s teens are a generation that is being brought up communicating behind their cell phone screens, and they understand their power at spreading the word for something that they believe in doing.

What It Takes to Get Teens Involved

If you want to raise brand awareness for your high school, club or group, you should look to teenagers to assist you to achieve that success and more. They will help you if you can capture their imagination, but you will also be helping out the next generation of leaders in your community.

Find out more about how to get teens involved in your broader community efforts, and you may discover that there are countless reasons to get youth involved. Watch our video and hear what he has to say about getting teens involved by clicking here

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