It’s that time of year! Tis the season to look at doing something good for your group and also others. As the year draws to a close, we know we had a challenging year. Many nonprofits, churches, schools, and other social good organizations didn’t make the budget. That means that programs had to get cut, and fewer people got the services they need. But Americans have a strong tradition of helping those in need. So, we believe that this year—more than ever—we’re going to have lots of people supporting awesome causes!

Giving Tuesday is always a great way to support your cause during a particular time. But, did you know that most nonprofits extend the holiday fundraising of that day into their year-end giving? There’s a simple reason for it. Even during a pandemic and economic stress, people still hope for the future and want to share. And there’s no greater fundraising period than between Thanksgiving Day and the New Year.

If you lead an organization in need of funds, or if you’re just in a generous mood, there’s a creative holiday fundraising idea you could do. It’s called a shoe drive fundraiser. It’s the fundraiser that gives back. So, grab a cup of hot chocolate or something delicious and see how holiday fundraising can be engaging!

Cute child with pile of shoes

Tis the season with the gift of fundraising

Come on! Get in the fundraising spirit. Let’s check out what some people have done to raise necessary funds—without asking anyone for money. We think that as you learn about these stories, you’ll see how a shoe drive fundraiser is a gift that keeps on giving beyond what you might expect! Tis the season to see what holiday fundraising is all about to make an impact!

VolunTeen Gives Hope All-Year-Round to the World Through Teens

VolunTeen is a community service organization for teens with a desire to good in the world. Who says that teens are too young to do something good in their communities and the world? This group helps teens fulfill community service hours for school, support a cause, or gain invaluable experience. Their mission is to create opportunities for teenagers to give back to the community.

Featured recently on our Facebook page as a #SaturdaySuccessStory, this group collected gently worn, used and new shoes and raised $2,714. Yes, they ditched the sales catalogs. Meaning, no one had to buy anything. What’s more, no one had to give a red penny to their fundraiser. All their supporters did was empty their closets of shoes they no longer wanted. Once finished, they received a check from us.

Police car with shoe collection

Police Pictures Fundraising Helps Provide Personal Protective Equipment

Since its founding, Police Pictures works to support and humanize law enforcement officers. Committed volunteers make up the group, and some of them envision becoming officers someday. In short, this group hopes to have an everlasting and positive impact in communities through law enforcement.

We had the pleasure of partnering with this group and sharing their fundraising story on our social feed. They raised more than $2,007 toward getting personal protective equipment (PPE) for police officers by collecting shoes. We loved sharing the #successstory of this group.

Funds4Women Makes Waves to Empower Women Worldwide Through Fundraising

We’re super proud of Funds4Women because it’s our newest program. The pandemic and economic fallout have pushed millions of women and girls into poverty. Yet, the power of fundraising and giving back was recently in full display when a national group called us to promote Funds4Women to their affiliate groups. If you happen to lead a national chapter group, perhaps the holiday fundraising season is a chance for you to promote the program to your group as well!

Happy girl with shoe collection

In brief, Funds4Women is an outstanding effort aimed at female-led organizations supporting women’s causes. It’s a remarkable effort aimed at women to collect gently worn, used and new shoes during shoe drive fundraisers. Once the fundraising ends, a check gets issued to the group. Moreover, the footwear gets shipped to developing nations where many women living in poverty are our partners, as we make a special outreach to them. They sell the shoes in their communities to help their families escape the grips of poverty.

Fundraising is Where Hope Happens

Tis the season to remember that there’s so much need in our communities and around the world. And know this, you can make a difference. Now. Today. No excuses. When you do a shoe drive fundraiser for an organization you lead, or because you’re passionate about a cause, you do so much for so many! Sure, it’s an opportunity to get nonprofit budgets back on track. But a shoe drive fundraiser is so much more than that.

1. Stepping Into Holiday Cheer with a Creative Holiday Fundraiser

When you decide to do a shoe drive fundraiser, you ditch the catalogs and asking for money. In short, it’s a creative way to raise funds for your cause. All you have to do for this engaging holiday fundraiser is to collect gently worn, used and new shoes. Here’s a tidbit: most families have 10-15 pairs of shoes they no longer use hidden in storage and closets. In this fundraiser, the sky’s the limit. You can collect as many shoes as possible. And the more shoes you gather, the larger the amount of the check!

2. You Help the Environment and Your Community’s Social Responsibility

When you decide on signing up for this during the holiday fundraising season—or any other time—you do a lot beyond raising money for your cause. By doing this fundraiser, you repurpose shoes in your community. So you give people and businesses a socially responsible way to repurpose shoes they no longer need. In doing so, you and your supporters extend the life of the shoes. Ultimately, the footwear gets sent to developing countries around the planet.

3. Your Fundraising Helps Women and Families Living In Poverty

As we mentioned, millions of women and girls slipped into greater poverty because of the pandemic and economic pressures. When you do a shoe drive fundraiser, you help provide shoe inventory. Women and men who work for themselves in micro-enterprises sell the shoes for profit. Unfortunately, in developing nations, work is hard to come by because of systemic poverty. So, people have to create their own work opportunities to support themselves and their families.

Now that we’re in the holiday season, tis the season to think about doing social good!


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