Toastmaster Fundraisers

Often, Toastmasters International members have to develop a fundraising letter to ask their friends and family for money. You can stop writing those requests for money today. There’s no need for Toastmasters members to ask anyone for money or to sell items that people would prefer not to buy.

Get your good speech topics ready for Toastmasters, because if you need funding for their educational or training programs, you can raise money today by collecting gently worn, used and new shoes. It’s fun and easy, and Funds2Orgs will issue you a check for the footwear you collect.

Supporting Toastmasters International through Shoe Drive Fundraisers

Toastmaster chapters need fundraising revenue to extend their outreach to serve the public. Members want to participate in educational and training programs and often are in need of extra funds to participate. Through shoe drive fundraisers with Funds2Orgs, Toastmasters have been able to meet their fundraising goals while enhancing their work as leaders in communication and leadership development.

Funds2Orgs presents real, relevant, and engaging fundraising ideas. We offer shoe drive fundraiser ideas for individuals, small groups and larger chapters in which to participate. So, go ahead and get your good speech topics ready for your next Toastmaster presentation!

Want to learn more about our fundraising opportunities for Toastmasters? Contact Funds2Orgs to connect with a fundraising coach today!