We know that the summer months are a great time to do some planning, especially around fundraising. So, we wanted to get together for you 5 of the best fundraising ideas that thousands of schools, youth groups, and clubs across the country have been doing to raise essential funds for education.

Here we go with our countdown from bottom to the top!

Collection Fundraisers

Collection fundraisers can be great fun because your entire community can get involved. When you upcycle hard to recycle items, such as coffee capsules, bottles, cans, pens, or plastics, companies like TerraCycle can work with almost any kind of waste and give you money. Think about doing something for the environment in this socially responsible fundraiser that prevents unwanted items from ending up in toxic landfills, while also raising essential fundraising dollars for your school.

Loyalty Programs

A lot of leading brands will donate to your favorite cause, including your school, when your community participates in its loyalty program. Two of the leading organizations include Box Tops for Education and Labels for Education. They’re leaders in their area helping schools or school groups like yours raise money for education by collecting merchandise box tops and labels from your school and community families when they purchase products from participating companies.


One of the most fun activities, especially in schools, is to do a class or grade competition. There are many ways to raise school spirit with some friendly competition, and one of the ways to do it is with an old-fashioned penny war. Remember those? Each class or grade agrees to collect as many pennies as possible––while mixing in silver coins (a no-no) into the jars of the other classes. Point deductions are made for every nickel, dime or quarter in each penny jar. And, at the end of the competition, the class or grade with the most points wins!

Events and Auctions

There are many fun and funny events and auctions that you can do to raise money for your cause, particularly if it’s for education. Think about a corn hole tournament where participants pay a small fee to play against each other, or maybe even against their teachers. You can also do a teacher or principal historical dress up where students pay $1 each to see their teacher or principal dressed for the whole day in costume as a historical figure, or Scooby-Doo (check out our YouTube countdown video of our top 5 fundraising ideas and you’ll know what we mean!).

Shoe Drive Fundraisers

Our number one top fundraising idea is shoe drive fundraisers. Thousands of schools, clubs and youth groups across the country have raised thousands of dollars by just collecting gently worn, used and new shoes. There’s no need to ask for money or sell candy in this zero calorie fundraiser. Schools have had competitions to see which class collects the most shoes and kids love the chance to do their part in a fundraiser that doesn’t require that they ask money or make a sale. Want to learn more? Take a moment and find out what it’s all about by taking a look at what we can do for your school. And while you’re visiting that page, make sure you look at our free Micro-enterprise Curriculum that is aligned with Common Core and has been used by educators across the country in elementary, home, middle and high schools!

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