As you know, it’s essential always to discover fresh marketing ideas for your nonprofit. For instance, a top marketing idea is to have a monthly giving program, like Charity: Water has for its leading nonprofit. When you have a monthly giving program, you don’t have to spend more resources raising funds, as you have money from donors monthly. As Hubspot reported, nonprofits raise $52 and $623 annually, compared the only $128 with a one-time gift. You can also take a look at Wild Apricot’s top 50 nonprofit websites for more inspiration and creativity. Now, let’s consider the best marketing ideas your nonprofit can start today to raise awareness and money for your cause.

Fresh Marketing Ideas for Your Group

1. Leverage the power of Instagram

Everyone knows that Facebook is a powerful social media tool, and most know that Facebook owns Instagram. But, while many nonprofits are so great on Facebook, they don’t give Instagram influencer marketing the same attention. Instagram is an excellent opportunity for nonprofits because people love seeing pictures curated by others, especially influencers. Instagram users spend an average of 28 minutes on the platform. Also, among teens, Instagram is the most popular traditional social media platform. There are various ways to excel in your marketing ideas on Instagram. For instance, you can do eCommerce, reach out to influencers or tag supporters. For more information about leveraging the power of Instagram, check out these quick tips.

2. Use Google My Business for Top Marketing Locally

One marketing idea that you should not miss doing is to add your nonprofit to Google My Business. For a variety of reasons, people are very interested in patronizing and supporting local businesses and nonprofits. As an example, artificial intelligence has brought the rise of voice search, which is now affecting search engine optimization. That said, when you list your business on Google My Business and someone searches, your listing on a search engine is on the top half of the search results, which we all know is where you want to appear. By getting your nonprofit to be in one of the top 3 positions on Google, you will drive traffic to your website. Also, by listing on Google My Business, you can integrate with tools such as Google Analytics.

3. Go Old School and Grow Your Email List

It may be a bit old school in the age of social media, but email still works. And, while many nonprofits do a great job of leveraging Facebook, you should not miss the opportunity to grow your email. Email marketing remains one of the fresh marketing ideas on your list because of its ROI. According to this article about small businesses (nonprofits are small businesses!), the ROI is an astounding 42-to-1. In other words, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can see a return of $42. We work with nonprofits, schools, and churches every day, and we want to share that we use email every week of the year. It’s one of the top marketing ideas for our social enterprise, and it could be too for your nonprofit. So, keep growing your email list!

4. Marketing Ideas Include Metric Performance

One of the things that many nonprofits do is to execute marketing ideas, but then not follow-up by measuring performance. Sure, there was a time when figuring out what was working, or not, was a bit of hit or miss, or tools were expensive. However, that’s no longer the case. Let’s say that you decide to invest some money into Google AdWords, it’s an excellent platform for measuring results, once you master it. Yes, we understand that technology changes so much these days, and it’s tough to stay on top of everything. However, you’re going to see better results if you master a platform or two, and you learn how to measure the metrics and performance. There’s a lot of nonprofit competition, and the digital world only makes it tougher to cut through the noise. So, make it a point to commit to learning a couple of channels, including measurement.

5. SEO Optimize Your Blog Posts

We’ve said it in the past, and we’ll repeat it here. If possible, you should search engine optimize (SEO) pages on your site (e.g., Home, About, Programs) and make sure everything is mobile-ready. However, we know that most nonprofits don’t have the financial resources for deep SEO work.  So, one of the top marketing ideas you can do for your nonprofit is to SEO your blogs. When you do it, you drive traffic to your website, and people can then move from articles to explore the rest of your site. Now, we do understand that learning SEO is not easy, but it’s worth the time and investment. You can get started learning SEO with this article for beginners from SEMrush Blog. And, you can also check out this free training on SEO from Yoast to get you started.

Marketing in the digital age has become more involved, but if you focus on mastering a few approaches, excellently well, you can make a massive difference for your nonprofit. Finally, if you want to plan and execute more top marketing ideas, and you need funds, don’t forget that you can ask a major donor to fund your marketing efforts. If you demonstrate that you have a smart plan with measurements, a savvy donor understands that by raising visibility, you raise more fundraising dollars.

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