First, the team at Funds2Orgs wants to express our good wishes to you and your family. Indeed, these are challenging times for the world, but the human and collective community spirit is inspiring. All over the globe, people are sharing like never before and supporting each other—even strangers. Still, before we give you some ideas for what to do at home during any lockdown or isolation, we want to thank people throughout our communities.

Of course, we’re sure you agree when we say that our medical and science professionals on the front lines are courageous and doing incredible work. But, we also want to thank our servicemen and women for assisting with logistics. And, we also want to express our gratitude to the pharmacists, cops, delivery people, cashiers at grocery stores, and workers in our nation and abroad who are doing what it takes to keep the wheels moving. We will get through this, and it will pass because of people like them. With that said, let’s start our list of ideas of what to do at home.



Creative Things to do at Home

Clean Out Your Closets

F2OBlogSmall_0420aAll across the U.S., nonprofits large and small are mobilizing to provide services, but they need funds. Yet, many people are worried about their next paycheck and the economy. Nevertheless, nonprofits, schools, religious groups, and even families can earn fundraising dollars by gathering gently worn used and new shoes. We, not donors, issue you a check for the shoes you collect. A massive recovery effort is already underway to get people and organizations back on their feet. Our social sector plays a critical role in that effort. Join the shoe drive fundraising movement while you’re at home. For running groups and retailers wanting to support a local cause, please check out the Sneakers For Good program. Make a difference by simply emptying your closets with your family.

Make a Difference By Sharing On Social

In human history, there have been plagues and epidemics. But, we’re fortunate in one distinct way in 2020. We are in the midst of the digital age, so we can share and find support in each other with people all around the world. As you develop your creative things to do at home, share of yourself and family on social. For instance, take a look at this cute video by a kid. Spend a bit of time on platforms on YouTube and Instagram and share the memes and videos that people are sharing. Remember, when people are stuck at home, many folks will spend a lot of time on social networking platforms trying to feel connected. So, let’s all give each other a bit of distraction—and especially inspiration.


Got Kids? We’ve Got Resources For You

Parents have to figure out creative things to do at home with their children. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Again, we’re fortunate to live in the digital age, and there are plenty of ideas. For instance, you can check out The Ultimate Parents’ Lockdown Guide. In it, you’ll find shows you can binge on, exercise ideas for your entire family, and, most importantly, how to play teacher at home. For instance, one of the things you’ll discover is that companies such as Scholastic are opening up some of their programs for free.

Think About the Elderly and Support Them

F2OBlogSmall_420bWe know that the elderly and those with compromised immune systems are the most at risk during Covid-19. Fortunately, younger and healthier people are stepping up to help. And you can too. AARP published a piece on how young people are stepping in to help older people, which also includes tips on how to make home deliveries to them safely. Also, AARP is offering other resources to our nation. For instance, you can listen to a weekly tele-town hall. You can also learn critical information if you’re a caregiver or if you’re relative is residing at a quarantined facility.

Make a Difference Now and Prepare for Recovery

F2OTallQuote_April2020Our CEO, Wayne Elsey, keeps us motivated by giving us regular updates, and he’s focused the now, but also on recovery. If you’re thinking of what to do at home during lockdowns or isolation—think about recovery as well. This time is an opportunity to get creative and lift our families and communities. But, the work requires sacrifice, and each one of us sharing a bit of the load. As the adage goes, if we each shoulder a part of the weight, it’s lighter for everyone. For instance, there is an urgent need for blood donations, consider donating blood. As we all know, there is also a great need for face masks, and communities have started to fill the need. GM and Ford are shifting operations from cars to making ventilators.

In sum, we can each make a difference. Sure, this is about our families at home, but also our work, community, and global families. In the end, we’re all human. One of the best ways that we’ve discovered to spend time is to figure out how to help and support others. As we spread kindness, consideration, and compassion, the world will slowly begin to heal. Stay safe and healthy, and please remember, our team at Funds2Orgs is here to help our partners and communities.

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