Why Clothes?

Just like Funds2Orgs is able to repurpose gently worn, used shoes; we are able to repurpose your donated clothes. Donating used clothes now save lives and impact families and communities around the globe.

Impact of a Donating Used Clothes

Whether it’s the outfit that no longer fits or something that has gone out of style, your gently worn clothes are a valuable commodity for micro-enterprises in developing nations. Just like shoes, individuals in these countries are able to repair, mend, or recreate your gently worn clothing into usable items.

Even clothes that are no longer wearable can be repurposed for crafting materials, which can be sold and traded to provide family income. In addition to providing jobs, products, and materials, by donating used clothes, you have now given your old items a new life and new meaning. This is the ultimate hand-me-down!

Interested in donating used clothes? Contact Funds2Orgs to learn more about this opportunity to benefit micro-enterprises and donate your clothes today.

“Offering a hand UP is better than offering a hand out." ― Wayne Elsey, author of "Almost Isn't Good Enough"