On any given day we receive calls from parents for school booster clubs and school fundraiser. We know they see the importance of the responsibility they’ve accepted. They choose to volunteer to raise money for the schools their kids’ attend. They know the youth in high schools and universities across our great country are our future and their schools need resources.

Funding has been cut for extra-curricular activities. School boosters have had to pick up more of the fundraising so their kids, and those of the community, can receive enrichment. A child’s education extends beyond reading, writing and arithmetic. A well-rounded individual is one who has been exposed and participated in music, the arts and sports.

Funds2Orgs helps hundreds of school booster clubs every year raise money through shoe drive fundraisers. We believe that one of the reasons why Funds2Orgs has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau is because we care about our shoe drive partners. We’re not perfect all the time, but we try to be. We do everything possible to make sure our partners know we value working with them.

So, we appreciate knowing when our partners take the time to go on the Better Business Bureau website and write a review for us. To everyone who’s done it, thank you.

Review from Deborah R.*:
I was serving as President of our high school girls’ basketball team and we were looking for opportunities to raise money for a holiday tournament. We had some successful fundraisers but needed a way to raise a lot of money for this trip. My cousin told me about Funds2orgs…Of course when she told me the details, I told her this fundraiser sounded too good to be true. She gave me the website and told me to check it out. Before I told our Coach, I thought I better check into it first. I contacted Funds2org first thing that Monday morning. After asking a thousand questions every which way I could think of, the answers were still the same-this fundraiser is really just that simple. So I talked to the Coach, other booster club parents and we hit the road running collecting shoes…It was truly a win-win for all of us. Our players were heavily involved in the collection process and truly understood the meaning of helping others in need. This opportunity not only served as a fundraiser but a community service project for our players. We also had other schools collect shoes for us like student council groups to serve as their community service projects as well…It was truly a community effort to help those families overseas AND raise the funds we needed for our holiday tournament. By the end of our 4-month shoe drive, we had collected 15,847 pounds of shoes (approximately 15,000 pairs of shoes) and received 3 checks totaling $6,338.60 from Funds2Orgs. It was truly a blessing for me personally…

Perhaps now’s the time to learn about what a shoe drive fundraiser with Funds2Orgs can do for your school booster club.

* This post originally appeared on the Better Business Bureau website and has minor edits for grammar, brevity and clarity.

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