Youth Group Fundraisers

In order to make a lasting impact and reach out into their communities, church youth groups can’t rely solely on church giving and donations anymore. Due to the recession and changing economy, many churches struggle to meet their own financial goals, often times not including the youth group plans or financial needs in their yearly budgets. The need for successful youth group fundraisers is high; many groups hoping to attend annual conferences, go on mission trips, or simply make an impact in their communities, but with limited funding.

Shoe Drive Fundraiser

A New Look at Youth Group Fundraising Ideas

Youth group fundraisers in today’s society need to focus beyond raising money in order to fully engage their participants and leave a lasting impression. Successful youth fundraising ideas develop team building skills, enhance awareness of the mission, have fun, and of course, raise funds to support their group.

Funds2Orgs understands the power of our youth and knows the needs for effective youth fundraising ideas. Through shoe drive fundraisers, we aim to make a global impact while helping your youth group exceed their goals.

Traditional fundraising ideas for youth groups generally involve selling products, raffle tickets, car washes, or discount cards. These are often the same fundraisers your youth groups participants are engaging in their schools and other extracurricular activities.  Through shoe drive fundraisers, your youth group engages their peers, families, friends, and community to clean out their closets and donate their gently worn, used shoes. Instead of asking these individuals to purchase goods or sacrifice their time, they are asking for a pair of shoes.

Youth Group Fundraisers Go Beyond Their Community

The shoes collected during your youth group fundraisers benefit individuals and communities in developing nations and the environment. The shoes you collect are repurposed through micro-enterprises, and sold or bartered for goods that families in these communities need. At the same time, we are limiting the renewable and reusable waste that would end up in US landfills and leak harmful chemicals into our environment if not repurposed.

Funds2Orgs’ fresh approach to youth group fundraising ideas teaches your members the impact they can have on the worldwide community and environment, while working towards the goals they set together.

For more information about how Funds2Orgs can help your youth group, please contact our office and speak with a Fundraising Coach.