What is a Shoe Drive Fundraiser?
What is Funds2Orgs?
How fast can I earn money if I start a shoe drive fundraiser?
What are the benefits of doing a shoe drive fundraiser with Funds2Orgs?
Who are micro-entrepreneurs?
What does re-purpose mean?
What materials do you provide for my shoe drive fundraiser?
What should we do when we receive shoes during the fundraising campaign?
Why do I need to rubber band the pairs of shoes and sneakers together before being placed in the 33-gallon shoe bags?
What happens if we need more material than the 100 bags and 2500 rubber bands included in the Starter Kit?
Are there restrictions on the types of shoes that can be collected?
What condition should the shoes be in?
Can someone give a single shoe?
How much space should we allocate for a Flash Drive?
How often will you collect my shoes?
What happens if we need more time than our deadline to reach our goal?
How do the shoes get picked up? Do we need to have volunteers to help load the truck?
What types of organizations can participate? Can individuals participate or only organizations?
What types of individuals may participate in a shoe drive fundraiser?
Do you accept sneakers collected during a mud run?
When will we receive our funds?
Do you accept sports shoes with cleats?
What happens if we collect more shoes in more bags than was our goal?
Are there any up-front costs to participate in a Funds2Orgs shoe drive fundraiser?
What if we don’t collect the minimum amount of shoes?
What happens with the shoes after they are picked up?
Can I choose a specific country or region where my shoes will be shipped?
Can a wholesaler or shoe manufacturer sell hash lots or store returns?
How do I sign up to get started?