Shoe Drive Fundraising F.A.Q.

Frequently asked questions about shoe drive fundraising
What is a Shoe Drive Fundraiser?

Instead of asking your supporters to write you a check or pull out their credit card, a shoe drive fundraiser engages your supporters in a fun and easy way. During a shoe drive fundraiser, you engage your supporters to collect gently worn, used and new shoes and sneakers. When Funds2Orgs receives and processes the shoes collected during your drive you will receive a check!

What is Funds2Orgs?

Funds2Orgs is a social enterprise that partners with nonprofits, schools, churches, civic groups, businesses and others to help them plan and implement a shoe drive fundraising campaign.

How fast can I earn money if I start a shoe drive fundraiser?

We have different options, such as our Flash Drive or Mega Drive. It may take you as little as 30 days to collect 300 bags for $3,000 or more. Once you’re ready to start, your fundraising coach will work with you to determine the best type of drive for you.

What are the benefits of doing a shoe drive fundraiser with Funds2Orgs?

There are three main benefits: 1) You engage supporters in a creative and innovative way and raise funds without ever having to ask for money!; 2) shoes and sneakers from a shoe drive fundraiser do not end up decomposing in landfills where they may take decades to disintegrate and are hazardous to life and the planet; and, 3) shoes collected from these types of drives end up becoming inventory, and an economic lifeline for micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations who clean, repair and repurpose the shoes and sell them for a fraction of the cost of their original price and for a profit!

Who are micro-entrepreneurs?

Micro-entrepreneurs are small business owners. Micro-enterprises are small businesses that are started with very low investment capital. Typically in developing nations, these micro-enterprises are run by one person or a few family members. Funds2Orgs works with micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries to bring sustainability and income to individuals and families.

What does re-purpose mean?

It simply means to give a new purpose. Shoes that would have been discarded are cleaned and repaired and given a new lease on life in developing nations as inventory for micro-entrepreneurs.

What materials do you provide for my shoe drive fundraiser?

Once you sign up, your fundraising coach will send you a Funds2Orgs Starter Kit. This kit includes 2500 rubber bands and 100-33 gallon bags, which are enough materials for 100 bags of gently worn, used and new shoes. You will also receive online access to our drive guidelines and marketing material templates which you can customize and print for your organization and drive. Some of the items are as follows:
Flyer Templates
Door Hanger Templates
Bag Labels Template
Press Release Template
Other tools to assist in your shoe drive fundraiser
During your drive, your coach will be providing you ongoing support for planning the campaign itself to ensure you succeed. We want your group to succeed!

What should we do when we receive shoes during the fundraising campaign?

The shoes need to be rubber banded together or the laces tied as to not separate the pairs. The pairs should be placed in the 33-gallon bags that Funds2Orgs provides in the Starter Kit. Each bag should be filled with 25 pairs of gently worn, used and new shoes.

Why do I need to rubber band the pairs of shoes and sneakers together before being placed in the 33-gallon shoe bags?

We need to make sure pairs are kept together for processing. Shoes must be paired, the same size and tied or rubber banded to each other.

What happens if we need more material than the 100 bags and 2500 rubber bands included in the Starter Kit?

Once you fill 75 bags with 25 pairs of gently worn, new and used shoes and sneakers, please contact your fundraising coach. Your fundraising coach will order your organization another set of supplies.

Are there restrictions on the types of shoes that can be collected?

We want all of your gently worn or new shoes and sneakers. The only restriction is that we do not accept single shoes. There are no other restrictions.

What condition should the shoes be in?

We only ask that the shoes or sneakers given to your shoe drive fundraiser be gently worn used or new. Of course, we always love to repurpose shoes that are in the best possible condition. And, we love new shoes best of all!

Can someone give a single shoe?

We do not accept single shoes, only pairs.

How much space should we allocate for a Flash Drive?

You will need a space roughly 10’ by 10’ by 10’. Some groups get a self-storage business to donate the space. A single car garage or a warehouse works well. Your space should be able to hold approximately 300 bags.

How often will you collect my shoes?

During your drive, your fundraising coach and the Funds2Orgs logistics team will be in contact with you. We cannot guarantee any pickups during your drive other than a final pickup at the end of your campaign. Please make sure you have a storage space large enough to hold all your bags for the duration of your shoe drive fundraiser. However, we may arrange for periodic pickups when our fleet is in your area.

What happens if we need more time than our deadline to reach our goal?

Funds2Orgs will pick up the shoes that you have collected and you will need to sign a new agreement and start a new fundraiser.

How do the shoes get picked up? Do we need to have volunteers to help load the truck?

During your shoe drive fundraiser, our logistics team will work with you to coordinate a pickup of the bags of shoes collected by our trucks. When there is a pick-up, please have two volunteers on hand per 100 bags to help ensure timely loading. Also, please remember our drivers can not control traffic or inclement weather, so give yourself a window 30 minutes before the appointed arrival time and 30 minutes after to give our driver a sufficient window of time. Our driver will be in touch with you to confirm arrival time.

What types of organizations can participate? Can individuals participate or only organizations?

We encourage nonprofit organizations, churches, schools, PTO and PTA groups, businesses, companies, and civic groups to participate. However, individuals have also sponsored shoe drive fundraisers.

What types of individuals may participate in a shoe drive fundraiser?

Anyone and everyone are encouraged to give gently worn, used or new shoes and sneakers during a shoe drive fundraising campaign.

Do you accept sneakers collected during a mud run?

We do not accept wet shoes, but if you plan to collect shoes at a mud run, please contact our mud run shoe re-purposing division. Wet shoes need to be separated from dry shoes, for obvious reasons.

When will we receive our funds?

Once your shoes are received at our warehouse, they will be weighed and processed within 48 hours during the business week. You will be issued a check and reconciliation in that time. If we happened to be in your area and we pick up the collected shoes, you will receive a check then and again at the end of your drive. All checks are sent with USPS tracking information from our accounting team if the amount exceeds $500.00.

Do you accept sports shoes with cleats?

Yes, we do! We accept all types of gently worn, new and used shoes and sneakers, and this includes cleats.

What happens if we collect more shoes in more bags than was our goal?

That’s great! More shoes = more money.

Are there any up-front costs to participate in a Funds2Orgs shoe drive fundraiser?

No. What’s more, we provide all the shoe drive materials including bags, rubber bands, marketing material templates, and coaching. If you choose to do any printing from our marketing templates, you are responsible for those costs.

What if we don’t collect the minimum amount of shoes?

There is no minimum amount and you will be paid for all pairs of new and gently worn used shoes that you collect. Please refer to your individual Shoe Drive Agreement (SDA) for details.

What happens with the shoes after they are picked up?

They become an economic lifeline for individuals and families living in developing nations. Due to systemic poverty, lack of education and economic opportunity, Funds2Orgs works with individuals who create micro-business, essentially small businesses. The shoes collected in countries, such as the United States, are cleaned, repaired and repurposed, that is, given another life, and sold to hub operators for pennies on the dollar. Micro-entrepreneurs then sell the shoes in their local communities for a fraction of their original cost, but for a profit!

Can I choose a specific country or region where my shoes will be shipped?

Unfortunately, no. At this time the shoes you collect are combined with other shoe drive fundraisers and sent in lots overseas.

Can a wholesaler or shoe manufacturer sell hash lots or store returns?

For more information regarding wholesale/ manufacturer sales, please click here or call our main office at 407-930-2979 to speak with our Chief Fundraising Strategist, Tom Henderson.

How do I sign up to get started?

Getting started is easy! Fill out the form and one of our fundraising coaches will be in contact with you soon.