Fundraising as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

Step one is to recruit your volunteers for your shoe drive fundraiser.
Recruit your volunteers
Step two is to collect gently worn, used and new shoes for your fundraiser.
Collect gently worn, used and new shoes
Step three is to contact us, and we'll pick up your shoe collection.
Contact us, we'll pick up your shoe collection
Fundraising Ideas that provide funding. Funds2Orgs, a shoe drive fundraiser.
Get ready to celebrate your check

Real, Relevant and Engaging Shoe Drive Fundraisers

Raise funds with Funds2Orgs with its unique shoe drive fundraiser. There's nothing else like it out there with our commitment to service, social impact, and support.

  • Funds2Orgs is the leading shoe drive fundraising for-profit social enterprise in North America.
  • When you partner with Funds2Orgs, you don’t have to ask your donors for money.
  • Funds2Orgs gives you a creative fundraiser and everything you need for success with no out-of-pocket costs.
  • Our average fundraising partner raises thousands in as little as 60 days with our support

If your nonprofit, school, church, or civic group is in need of funds, Funds2Orgs is your answer!

  • A dedicated team of fundraising coaches will help you from start to finish. Your coaching team will be there every step of the way to support all of your efforts.
  • You’ll receive the marketing, promotion and collection materials you’ll need for your shoe drive.
  • The Funds2Orgs logistics team will pick-up the shoes you collect at a location where you have the shoes consolidated.
  • A check is issued to you within 2 business days of the shoes being received at the Funds2Orgs depot for processing.

3 Reasons to Do a Shoe Drive with Funds2Orgs


We know it’s tough to raise money. We also know there are hundreds of fundraising ideas out there that ultimately give you less than stellar results. We work closely with our shoe drive partners to help them ensure their success.

There are so many great causes, including yours. But, donors are tired of fundraisers that require them to open their wallets or sell candy, popcorn, or cookie dough. Our shoe drive fundraisers do away with all of that and gives you something truly different. It’s something your team, donors, and even your local community can get behind and support.

  • Lora M.
    Great company to work with they never left you hanging they were with you from start to finish can't wait for our community to start saving shoes again.
    Lora M.
  • Diane H.
    I want to thank Tim for helping us with our shoe drive. He was very helpful and informative. Our shoe drive was a great success and is a great company to work with! Thank you for all your help and support! We have highly recommended your company to other new prospects!
    Diane H.
  • Anne P.
    Every bit of our experience with this company was positive. Our supplies were delivered on time. Our coach was very encouraging and upbeat. When we had a problem she went to bat for us. The drivers arrived on time and were very courteous. We will use this company again.
    Anne P.
  • Melissa S.
    "I also want to thank you guys for allowing God to use you for this wonderful project.  It has been a joy meeting different people who are cleaning out their closets and opening their hearts.  It has been a lot of hard work, but a wonderful experience.  Thank you!"
    Melissa S.
  • Jennifer W.
    "Thank you Fund2Orgs!  We just completed our shoe drive, and reached our goal of 7,500 pairs.  The shoe drive not only helped us to raise money to support our own programs, but allowed us to do good in our community by partnering with local businesses and organizations.  It was also a fantastic experience for our dancers, who learned the value of helping others.  The staff at Funds2Orgs were with us every step of the way, providing suggestions and tips for a successful drive.  I highly recommend this fundraiser."
    Jennifer W.
  • Lynn G.
    Working with Funds2Orgs was fun and easy. They are very helpful and I enjoyed working them. We received the bags right away and the bags were picked up on time and the check arrived within 2-3 days. It was the easiest fundraiser I ever organized.
    Lynn G.
  • Sue S.
    A win-win fundraiser for our sports team. Was easier then expected to get all families to help meet our goal. Funds2Orgs was professional and timely in picking up shoes and delivering checks. Resources provided to get the word out on social media added to our success. A great alternative to traditional fundraising.
    Sue S.