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how to raise money

How to Raise Money for Your Cause—Easily

Last month, we wrote a piece on the financial challenges groups have when they can’t raise money for their cause. Unfortunately, many nonprofits, schools, civic groups, and churches have a tough time raising money. Of the 1.6 million nonprofits, many say that finding enough money to operate is the biggest challenge. But, it doesn’t have that way if you know 3 essential principles. Before we share our thoughts on how to raise money for your cause—no matter what—let’s see why...

top marketing

Top Marketing Ideas for Your Nonprofit

As you know, it’s essential always to discover fresh marketing ideas for your nonprofit. For instance, a top marketing idea is to have a monthly giving program, like Charity: Water has for its leading nonprofit. When you have a monthly giving program, you don’t have to spend more resources raising funds, as you have money from donors monthly. As Hubspot reported, nonprofits raise $52 and $623 annually, compared the only $128 with a one-time gift. You can also take a......

financial challenges

Financial Challenges Caused by Lack of Fundraising

Nonprofits, schools, churches and civic groups often face financial challenges brought on by the lack of fundraising dollars. It takes money to accomplish things and make a difference. However, getting funds is not easy. And, it’s especially challenging for groups that have limited resources to both money and people to get the job done. So, we’ve decided to do a two-part series. This week, you’ll learn about the things that create financial challenges for your organization. As ...

nonprofit leadership

Nonprofit Leadership for Your Chapters

If you’re the CEO of a national nonprofit chapter or affiliate group, one of the activities you must do is find talented people to lead chapters you create. In fact, one can argue that this is one of the most important things you do for your nonprofit. As you know, good nonprofit leadership can make all the difference in terms of your success. When the time comes to find new leadership talent, keep the following five tips in mind as......

future of social media

Future of Social Media: Your 2020s Guide

Social media is something that keeps on evolving, and that continues to be the case in the 2020s. However, nonprofits have to try to master it because social networking is one of the most fundamental forms of communication in the digital age. So, while the future of social media will involve new platforms, attracting new generations of young people, there are still a few platforms that nonprofits can rest assured remain with us for the foreseeable future. Those platforms are......

charity streaming

Charity Streaming: Get Involved in the Trend

A New Year brings with it new opportunities, and one of them is charity streaming. Haven’t heard of it? No worries. We’re going to explain it here for you. However, what we do want to say first is that nonprofit fundraising is changing. Because of technology and the power of Millennials and Generation Z, an environment of innovation and creative fundraising is happening. In the years ahead, it will only accelerate. So, if you want your nonprofit to stay ahead......

holiday shoes

Holiday Shoes: How They Make a Social Impact

During the holiday season, we hope you had a chance to read our recent article. In it, we wrote about how your shoes can help 300 million people with no shoes. The reality is the end of the year is a time for gratefulness for what we have in our lives. But it’s also a time when we can see how much we have! So many others around the world don’t have nearly as much. Thus, as we come to......

donate shoes

Donate Shoes and Help 300 Million People in Need

The holiday season is in full swing. For instance, Giving Tuesday has just passed. And now we’re in the middle of the most generous time of year. Did you know that Americans are some of the most giving people in the world? Last year, Americans gave $427.71 billion to charity. According to Independent Sector, “63 million Americans volunteer about 8 billion hours of their time, talent, and effort to improve and strengthen their communities.” And, because of the American spirit,.....

giving Tuesday ideas

Giving Tuesday Ideas for Marketing You Can’t Miss

It’s that time of year again for Giving Tuesday ideas. This week, we have Thanksgiving, followed by Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and then Giving Tuesday. It’s an exciting time of year and one where many nonprofits make a lot of their revenue. Because this can raise a lot of fundraising dollars for your group, marketing for Giving Tuesday is something that you’ve hopefully thought about in great detail. If not, it’s not too late to ensure that Giving Tuesday and......

breast cancer awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness and Creative Fundraising Ideas

As many of you know, breast cancer awareness month is in October. But, the reality is that women get diagnosed with breast cancer throughout the year. And, because of it, nonprofits work every day to ensure that breast cancer is top of mind for their donors through fundraising events and other ideas. So, how can you maintain awareness of breast cancer at other times during the year? The following are our creative ideas to help your group make sure that......

digital marketing trends for 2020 for nonprofits

Digital Marketing Trends for 2020 for Nonprofits

We’re coming up on my favorite time of year and the best time to fundraise. As the holidays approach and the holiday parties plan, people will start to feel more generous. And, if they happen to be the lucky ones who receive bonuses, they’ll donate to their favorite cause. However, fundraising depends on your marketing efforts, including social media. So, as you work on prep for the new year, make sure you know the top digital trends for 2020. By......

how to network on linkedin

How to Network on LinkedIn: The 5 Easy Ways!

If you want to know how to network on LinkedIn, take a look at the 5 easy steps below. But first, let’s drop some facts about the social media platform according to 99 Firms. LinkedIn has over 610 million users. There are 90 million senior-level influencers. There are 63 million decision-makers on the platform. Of the Fortune 500 companies, 92 percent use LinkedIn. Only 3 million users share content on LinkedIn each week. 97 percent of marketers use LinkedIn. 80......

how to promote your youtube channel

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel (The Easy Way!)

If you’re looking at how to promote your YouTube channel, you’ve come to the right place. Since I came on board, our team has been working on a YouTube channel for one of our shoe drive fundraising brands. We’re thankful to our supporters who have since followed us and for those that continue to subscribe to our channel. Today, we’re sharing with you a few ideas to help your nonprofit or social enterprise get more viewers to your cause, which......

social activism

Social Activism and Your Nonprofit Organization

In recent years, we’ve seen many social justice movements from Climate Change to Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ, and Me Too. Through history, most have aimed at making things better and fairer for people. And thanks to technology and social media, it’s never been easier to spread the word about important movements. Whether you’re just one person or work at a large nonprofit, you can encourage your supporters to help spread the word with social activism. By definition, social activism se...

charitable contributions

Charitable Contributions: Get Grandparents Involved

Are you looking for another fundraising opportunity? Or, did you start a nonprofit for kids, for instance, and you need funds? Then look no further than grandparents! One of the best places to get charitable contributions is from grandparents. Generation X are now grandparents as their Millennial children have their own kids. So, let’s take a look at some facts of giving by Gen X by Campbell & Company. Gen X represents more than 25 percent of the global population.......

how to motivate teens

How to Motivate Teenagers and Get Them Involved

Today we discuss how to motivate teenagers. If you know teenagers, then you understand many want to get involved in their communities, including starting nonprofits. And, they speak their minds. Even if you don’t know any teenagers, you sense that Generation Z is civic-minded. So, it’s an excellent chance for groups to engage the energy and force of today’s teenagers. By the way, that also means teens can get involved in any of your amazing fundraising ideas. Teens and Voluntee...

good fundraising ideas

Good Fundraising Ideas and Getting Your Friends Involved

Good fundraising ideas can include your friends! We know that millions of people participate in peer-to-peer fundraising. You see it when friends raise money for their birthday on Facebook. Or, if they run a race, they ask you to support them with their donation page. But, we know that although it’s acceptable to ask your friends to get involved, it has to get done right. In other words, the relationship you have with your friends always has to be front......

sorority fundraising

Sorority Fundraising: How to Raise Money and Keep Organized

Fundraising is a much more involved process than many realize. Deciding to launch a fundraiser is only the beginning of what can sometimes be a long and challenging process. Just like any other nonprofit, your sorority sustains itself by the generous donations of your members, chapter alumni, and community. As you’re already well aware, you need to have the money required to continue running smoothly to remain a prominent presence on campus and in the community. While fundraising campaigns can...

how to get parents involved in school

How to Get Parents Involved in School Fundraising

Wondering how to get parents involved in school fundraising? Yes, we all know that many parents don’t like the idea of raising funds. However, parents don’t have a lot of time. Despite their best intentions, they have to work and take care of their responsibilities at home. But, they understand that it’s essential to do it for the education of their kids. However, if you want to get parents fundraising, we have some great tips for you! Our ideas will......

traditional media

Traditional Media and How to Tell Your Fundraising Story

Today, millions of nonprofits and groups fundraise with unique fundraisers. And, yes, they include creative fundraisers where micro-entrepreneurs receive shoes collected during fundraisers. Groups, such as Credential Shoes, serve as a bridge. They get shoes collected during shoe drive fundraisers to developing nations. People there need the shoes to make a living. But, one thing that is always important with any fundraiser is promotion. Although we live at a time of social media, traditional me...




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