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7 Essential Tips to Help Nonprofits Thrive During COVID-19

Guest Post: Give Central provides our nonprofit clients with an intuitive and easy-to-use online donation platform that serves to increase financial health and sustainability.  It is perfectly normal to feel COVID-19 anxiety. Some businesses have crashed, mainly due to the failure of strategies and no plan B or C. Fundraising for nonprofits too has been open to new tools and ideas. There is nothing that beats a good strategy born out of re-evaluation of your business requirements, preparin...


Back to School Activities and Resources for Students

We know that this year is unlike any other. We understand that the events of this year have affected schools, families, and children. However, education is of vital importance for all students. So, one of the things that our team wants to share with you a few of the best school and parent resources. The aim is to provide you with everything you could need to help the kids in their education and emotional wellbeing. Back to School in the......


Unique Fundraising Ideas: Our Top 10 List

Recently, our vice-president for marketing, Kristy, hosted a global discussion about the top fundraising ideas. If you follow our blog, you will discover we’ve been writing a lot about that lately. And, there’s a reason for it. As you well know, nonprofits, churches, civic groups, and others have lost money. So, there’s a tremendous need for unique fundraising ideas. As always, our team seeks to provide value, and so we want to share more thoughts and ideas, so you have......


4 Ways to Make Your School Website Ready for Fundraising

With organizations and businesses temporarily shut down, and social distancing measures still in effect, schools are finding it challenging to stay connected with students and continue fundraising at a safe distance. As with most K-12 schools, you likely already developed a digital presence before the pandemic, but if you want your school to stand out from the rest online, you’ll need to start by revamping your website. Your website is your school’s primary online identity. It’s where stud...

how to promote a fundraiser

How to Promote a Fundraiser: 5 Easy Ideas

Nonprofits and social organizations have an added need for fundraising dollars. And, that’s one of the reasons we’ve pushed fundraising ideas recently on our blog. Before we shift gears on how to promote a fundraiser, check out some of our most visited resources. 2020 Virtual Fundraising Webinar and Resources Social Activism and Your Nonprofit Organization 80+ Unique (And Easy!) Fundraising Ideas Virtual Fundraising Ideas: 5 Innovative (and Fun) Ones! Fundraising Online: Reach Your #...

how to motivate volunteers

How to Motivate Volunteers for Your Nonprofit

One of the questions we get asked the most by our partners is how to motivate volunteers. In reality, every successful fundraiser requires people to support it. And if you are doing peer-to-peer fundraising or the crowdsourcing of shoes, you want to make sure you have motivated volunteers. Sometimes what happens is that you have people who genuinely want to help, and so they sign up. However, when the time comes to get started on your fundraiser, it’s hard to......


Board of Directors: 5 Things They Can Do To Help Now

Your nonprofit board of directors has a definitive role to play within your organizations. Further, because of the fundraising challenges of this year, there’s a lot of work to recover. Fortunately, there’s time before the year-end for your directors to help you get everything sorted and back on track. In other words, the time for rebuilding together is now. 1. Mini-Strategic Plan Approved by Your Board of Directors Because of the events of this year, the chances are your strategic.....


5 Ways Mission Trips Will Help You Grow

Guest Post from Experience Mission. Whether you’re setting off on a mission trip for a week or looking to pursue something longer, your life is about to be changed forever if you allow yourself to be transformed by new experiences, meaningful relationships, and intentional service to others. International mission trips are an incredible chance to leave your comfort zone behind and grow both personally and spiritually. However, as you begin looking at the process of actually going on a mission....


Free Fundraising Ideas: There’s Only ONE to Know

We know that times are tough for nonprofits, schools, and churches. As we also know, the double whammy of the pandemic and the downturn in the economy have caused a lot of challenges in our communities. And, that’s why we many worthy causes like yours now seek free fundraising ideas. Well, we want to share with you a very special fundraiser. Further, as far as we’re concerned as the nation’s leader in this kind of fundraiser, it’s the best one......


Nonprofit Board of Directors: How to Do Fundraising

You want to succeed in your fundraising. One of the best places to begin is with your nonprofit board of directors. It’s not essential who serves on your board—every board can support and get motivated to raise money. Also, all boards have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure the sustainability of a charity. So, leading the giving efforts is a great place to start. Learn five practical ways to help your nonprofit board of directors to undertake their responsibility successfully: Show......


Virtual Fundraising Ideas: 5 Innovative (and Fun) Ones!

Many nonprofits have a lot more to handle now with the rising needs in their communities. So, that means that fundraising is crucial at this time with fundraisers seeking proven fundraising ideas. With the general unease in communities, nonprofits have had to think fast to maintain revenue. But as we know, donors and the public want to support a good cause, which is why virtual fundraising ideas have taken hold. At a time when many people and families are staying......

Fundraising online

Fundraising Online: Reach Your #FundraisingGoals

You may have read that there is so much demand for GoFundMe fundraising online that most fundraisers fail. As professional fundraisers can well imagine, it’s obvious for people to turn to a crowdfunding campaign. However, what most people don’t realize is that successful fundraisers take a lot of promotion and creativity to be successful. Nonprofits understand that they have to raise money for their causes, now more than ever. And, many nonprofit leaders are getting even more creati...

engage your community

Engage Your Community: 25 New Ideas For Your Fundraiser

We know for your nonprofit, school, church, or civic group, fundraising is essential. And, that means that it’s necessary to engage your community in your efforts. Further, with social media and peer-to-peer fundraising, you can allow your champions to help you broaden your reach. Nevertheless, engaging the broader community beyond your everyday supporters is not easy, and it’s tough to raise money in challenging economic times. Still, with a concerted effort and creativity, it can b...

Nonprofit Payment Processing: Tips in Times of Crisis

As a modern fundraiser, you already know how important your donors are to your nonprofit. Without their moral and financial support for your cause, you wouldn’t have as much of an impact or the funds to make meaningful change. With a global pandemic on our hands and the CDC recommending everyone partake in safe social distancing practices, it’s even more important to think of your donors. This isn’t the time to continue your fundraising asks, but to remember to check......


COVID-19 Resources

Now that social distancing is in full effect, you might be wondering what’s next for your organization. And while it’s not exactly business as usual these days, we’ve created a few resources that will hopefully help. If your organization is struggling with fundraising during this difficult time, call us at 407-930-2979 or by email [email protected] to learn about a shoe drive fundraiser. Earn incremental fundraising dollars just by asking your supporters to clean out their closet. W...

what to do at home

What To Do At Home To Make A Difference

First, the team at Funds2Orgs wants to express our good wishes to you and your family. Indeed, these are challenging times for the world, but the human and collective community spirit is inspiring. All over the globe, people are sharing like never before and supporting each other—even strangers. Still, before we give you some ideas for what to do at home during any lockdown or isolation, we want to thank people throughout our communities. Of course, we’re sure you agree......

how to raise money

How to Raise Money for Your Cause—Easily

Last month, we wrote a piece on the financial challenges groups have when they can’t raise money for their cause. Unfortunately, many nonprofits, schools, civic groups, and churches have a tough time raising money. Of the 1.6 million nonprofits, many say that finding enough money to operate is the biggest challenge. But, it doesn’t have that way if you know 3 essential principles. Before we share our thoughts on how to raise money for your cause—no matter what—let’s see why...

top marketing

Top Marketing Ideas for Your Nonprofit

As you know, it’s essential always to discover fresh marketing ideas for your nonprofit. For instance, a top marketing idea is to have a monthly giving program, like Charity: Water has for its leading nonprofit. When you have a monthly giving program, you don’t have to spend more resources raising funds, as you have money from donors monthly. As Hubspot reported, nonprofits raise $52 and $623 annually, compared the only $128 with a one-time gift. You can also take a......

financial challenges

Financial Challenges Caused by Lack of Fundraising

Nonprofits, schools, churches and civic groups often face financial challenges brought on by the lack of fundraising dollars. It takes money to accomplish things and make a difference. However, getting funds is not easy. And, it’s especially challenging for groups that have limited resources to both money and people to get the job done. So, we’ve decided to do a two-part series. This week, you’ll learn about the things that create financial challenges for your organization. As ...

nonprofit leadership

Nonprofit Leadership for Your Chapters

If you’re the CEO of a national nonprofit chapter or affiliate group, one of the activities you must do is find talented people to lead chapters you create. In fact, one can argue that this is one of the most important things you do for your nonprofit. As you know, good nonprofit leadership can make all the difference in terms of your success. When the time comes to find new leadership talent, keep the following five tips in mind as......





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