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Funds2Orgs works with many types of organizations and individuals seeking creative fundraising ideas.

Creative fundraising ideas for school fundraisers


As one of the leading creative fundraising ideas for school fundraising, Funds2Orgs works with countless schools to help them fundraise. We love fundraisers for kids that raise money and school spirit! Learn more about school fundraisers.
Creative fundraising ideas for churches


We understand that fundraising can be a response to a higher calling. With Funds2Orgs, donors can support your work and also help those living in poverty around the world. We have some of the best creative fundraising ideas for churches. Learn more about creative fundraising ideas for churches.
Creative fundraising ideas for animal shelters

Animal Shelters

At Funds2Orgs, we love animals. We understand how we have to protect and take care of our loyal furry friends. Funds2Orgs partners with many animal welfare groups to give them a creative fundraising ideas. Learn more about creative fundraising ideas for animal shelters.
Creative fundraising ideas for individuals


Funds2Orgs works with many families seeking money to help fund services for children who are disabled. We also work with adoptive families. Earn some extra money for something or someone close to your heart. Learn more about our creative fundraisers.
Creative fundraising ideas for nonprofits


Funds2Orgs works with nonprofits large and small. Our creative fundraising ideas are great for national affiliate groups or small one or two person shops. We have the right type of nonprofit fundraising ideas, and there’s no need to ask for money. Learn more about creative fundraising ideas for nonprofits.
Creative fundraising ideas for civic groups

Civic Groups

Funds2Orgs partners with civic groups across the country on our creative fundraising idea, shoe drives. Whether you’re a member of the local Rotary Club, Lions Club, or Kiwanis Club, Funds2Orgs has worked with others like you. Learn more about creative fundraising ideas for civic groups.
Creative fundraising ideas for athletic teams

Athletic Groups

Through our creative fundraising ideas, athletic shoe drives. Sneakers4Funds, works with sports teams. With athletic shoe drives, we help raise money and protect the environment. Learn more about creative fundraising ideas for athletic fundraisers.
Creative fundraising ideas through mud runs

Mud Runs

With our Sneakers4Funds brand, we work with organizations sponsoring mud runs, muck fests, and obstacle races. We know these groups care about the environment and we’ve positioned ourselves as the leader. Learn more about the creative fundraising idea, mud runs.

Funds2Orgs offers you one of the best creative fundraising ideas out there. There’s no need to ask for money. We have a track-record of working with thousands of organizations, families, and individuals. Get in touch with Funds2Orgs so you can learn how we can help you today!

Funds2Orgs has partnered with hundreds of animal shelters, rescues and sanctuaries to raise the much needed funds to help all the animals they provide care to.