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Raise More Money with Our Creative Fundraising Ideas

Funds2Orgs works with many organizations and individuals seeking to raise funds by offering you one of the best creative fundraising ideas out there. There is no need to ask for money. We have a track-record of partnering with thousands of nonprofits, schools, churches, civic groups and individuals by helping them raise much-needed funds. Get in touch with Funds2Orgs today and learn how we can help!

School Fundraisers

Funds2Orgs works with elementary, middle school and high school partners, as well as home schools to help them raise the funds they need for their educational and extra-curricular programs.  There’s no reason to ask for money or sell candy, cookie dough or other items. Learn about what we can do for you.

Church Fundraisers

Funds2Orgs has partnered with many churches across the U.S. for church fundraisers to enhance outreach to parishioners and youth. Collecting gently worn, used, and new shoes is a sacrificial way to raise funds that help your congregation and families in developing nations.

Civic Group Fundraisers

Civic group fundraisers with Funds2Orgs help you engage in a new and unique way with your members. We work with civic organizations, such as Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions Clubs, and member associations to help them raise money for their organizations and community. Learn more about how your group can raise necessary funds by collecting gently worn, used and new shoes.

Charities & Nonprofit Fundraising

Non profit fundraising is fun with Funds2Orgs. We work with charities, large and small. Our engaging fundraising ideas are ideal for national groups or small one to two person organizations. We have the right type of nonprofit fundraising ideas, and there’s no need to ask for money. Learn more about creative fundraising ideas for nonprofits.

Fundraising for Animal Shelters & Rescues

We can help you achieve success with your animal shelter fundraising or in raising funds for your animal rescue. We've worked with hundreds of organizations to help them get the resources they need for the animals in their care. We’ve worked with animal groups and individuals to help them raise much-needed money for vet bills, food, and animal care. Find out why we’re one of the fundraisers of choice for many animal welfare organizations.

Adoption Fundraisers

Adopting a child can be a tremendous joy, but a financial strain for families, so many look to adoption fundraising. Funds2Orgs understands the needs of adoptive families and has worked with hundreds of families and adoption agencies. Through Funds2Orgs adoption fundraisers, families can come closer to their financial goals and turn their adoption dreams into a reality.

Put Your Athletic Shoes to Work with Sneakers4Funds

Fundraising ideas for running groups, sports clubs, and teams just got a lot better. All you have to do is collect gently worn, used and new athletic shoes. Sneakers4Funds, which is a division of Funds2Orgs, will issue you a check.

Mud Runs & Marathons

Mud runs and marathons just got a whole lot more competitive. How many pairs of gently worn, used and new athletic shoes do you think you can collect to raise money for your favorite cause?

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