Now that the kids are back in the classroom, we’ve got a list of some the best school resources for parents. We know that every parent wants to make sure that they’re kid has everything they need to excel in life. Of course, having a successful education is where it all begins. So, now that families have settled into a new school year, let’s explore critical resources that can make a positive difference.

Also, because we know that many parents have to fundraise for their young scholars, we’re going to include two of the top resources for fundraising ideas.

Getting the kids back into a school routine

One of the toughest things to do after summer vacation is to get the family back into a school routine. However, it’s vital to have kids focus on academics again after losing valuable learning time. According to one of the top “mom blogs” out there, The Mommy Chronicles, children lose one month of learning over the summer, which is a set-back. So, it’s essential to do things to encourage the kids to wake up early and get their minds to focus on school work. Momtastic, another blog and one of our resources for parents, has 5 great tips to help your children. They include slowly adjusting bedtime and organizing the next day the evening before school.



Parent Toolkit: A top resource for parents

Parent Toolkit is an excellent resource for parents. The site is a “one-stop resource developed with parents in mind.” It’s the brainchild of NBC News Learn. The site is chock-full of resources that will help parents navigate a school year. For instance, there’s information about keeping kids healthy, which is vital for development and learning. You’ll find information about how to address particular issues depending on the grade level of your child. But, you can also look at the topics that might be of interest to you, including academics, social and emotional well-being, and even financial literacy.

Encourage a love for reading

Reading Rockets, featured on PBS, offers excellent school resources for parents. It’s also a prize-winning site driven by research to help young minds grow and develop. It is of particular use to children who may be struggling with their reading. The site has a vast library of information that educators and parents can use to aid students. For instance, they have approaches for reading aloud, comprehension, and also information for children with dyslexia. On this site, parents will find videos, tip sheets, and more, which will offer the latest research and insights for teaching children.

Discover the math resource to help your young student

Not all children excel in math. In fact, for many students, math can be hard to understand. But, it’s one of the most vital subjects, especially as the world has become science and technology-driven. In other words, young minds must get the concepts involved in math. Thankfully, AAA Math is an excellent resource for parents and filled with information. There are thousands of lessons which are interactive. There’s also no cost or registration needed for this vital site, and you’ll find lots of information from kindergarten to eighth-grade levels.

Fundraising school resources for parents

Finally, we know that fundraising is one of the activities that all parents need to do each year. It takes money to educate our children, and school districts have been cutting budgets. That’s meant parents and educators have had to pick up more of the financial load. If you’re on a parent committee seeking to learn about fundraising, there are two excellent school resources for you. The first is PTO Today, which has information about school fundraising. The other resource we have for you is Double the Donation. They have an excellent library of fundraising ideas for parents and schools.

In conclusion, because we know that this is the time of year for lots of school planning, we’ve got more information for you this month. We’ll be talking about some of the top parent and school topics of concern, including fundraising, and even how to deal with bullying. So, follow our blog and find out what we have for you as the academic enters into full-swing.


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