Fundraising is essential for most causes, and one of the primary vehicles to promote it is through social media. Last year, one of our most-viewed webinars was about social media. And that’s why we decided that we needed to update our content for nonprofit social media. As a one-stop source for everything you need on fundraising ideas and marketing, we’ve always got you covered.

As always, before we get started, let’s take a look at some of our recent articles, which include FREE webinar links. Within each, you’ll find our professional decks and the on-demand videos you could watch whenever you’d like.

So, now let’s get started on the tips you need to know to amp up your nonprofit social media. To watch the full webinar, and access the premium deck, just go to this Dropbox link.

Nonprofit Social Media Trends

Fundraising success comes with mastering social networking. Because there’s so much that changes all the time, you’ve got to stay on top of it. So, let’s begin by checking out some of the top nonprofit social media trends happening. To get all the trends, all you need to do is download the deck or watch the webinar.

1. Short Videos Are Everywhere

Seen any great short videos you loved? Because of recent events, like, well, you know, a pandemic, nostalgia is a big deal these days. So are funny memes and short videos. As a result, a lot is happening on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram’s Reels—even for nonprofit social media. Got something creative or clever to share in video short form? Those places are great for it.

2. Stories Continue to Matter

Marketing pros in the social good sector have said it for a long time, you’ve got to share stories. It’s essential because that’s how people convey information and make meaningful connections. Nonprofits that master the use of social media tell the best stories in varying ways.

3. Social Media Influencers and Small Biz

Want to spread the word about your great cause? One of the best ways to do it is to amplify your message, which means connecting with social media influencers wherever possible. Check out Classy’s article post on how to activate social media influencers. And while you’re at it, promote your small business partnerships. Expect more private-public collaborations as social good goes big!

4. Charity Hashtags

Nonprofit social media continues to evolve, but one thing that’s remained constant and even increased is the use of hashtags. Even platforms that haven’t usually promoted it, such as LinkedIn, have started shifting to hashtags so users could more easily find topics.

5. Interactive Content for More Social Networking

As we know, metrics matter both for fundraising and also nonprofit social media. One of the best takeaways and trends is having users just being passive consumers to engaged participants. How do you do that? By using interactive content that encourages people to engage. For instance, videos, polls, surveys, infographics, and specific calls-to-action are all interactive content.


Tips for Awesome Nonprofit Social Media Success

Again, if you want to get all of the tips from our webinar, go to the Dropbox folder and get your free deck and video (no strings attached, and as our gift to you for visiting). In the meantime, below you’ll find some great tips to make sure you get your nonprofit social media to the next level.

1. Use Facebook Fundraising Tools

As we know, Facebook is the social media platform most of your donors use, and that’s why many nonprofits do fundraising on social media on this platform. Facebook has many tools for nonprofits to use. For instance, you could add donate buttons to your page, posts, and even live videos. So, check out the tools Facebook has available!

2. Experiment With Content

One of the most important lessons and tips we want to share is to experiment with content. You should do it for your posts and also for your social media ads. Don’t forget that if you use Facebook’s paid advertising, you could A/B test content, copy, and even your calls-to-action.

3. Engage With Your Audience in Different Ways

The days of posting a picture and sharing a few words are over. That’s not going to get you many likes, comments, or engagement over the long-term. So, one of the most important tips we want to share is to keep things dynamic. In other words, keep your audience involved by using interactive content, including surveys and polls (awesome ways to find out what your supporters think!).

4. Don’t Always Ask for Money on Social Media

While your supporters and audience understand that you need fundraising revenue, they don’t want to have appeals coming from you all the time. So, share information about your cause and the work you do. Don’t be afraid also to use humor whenever you can to increase engagement. And when you do make a fundraising ask, be thoughtful about it, so it’s not the only thing they see from you.

5. Our Favorite (Virtual) Fundraising Event Platforms

We know many nonprofit fundraisers went virtual, and the business of social good isn’t going back to where it was before the pandemic. Digital fundraising offers much more flexibility in addition to your in-person events. Some of our favorite platforms, including Double the Donation, OneCause, Charity Engine, and Snowball, understand nonprofit social media’s integrated approach for fundraising.

Finally, segmentation and personalization matter. In other words, because of artificial intelligence and its ability to make every message unique to the receiver, your nonprofit social media and fundraising efforts need to be mindful of segmentation. When using digital platforms for social networking and fundraising, keep in mind how to segment and personalize your messages. Think about age, communication preferences, how they heard about you, and how your supporters behave (in other words, using predictive platforms). Keeping these tips in mind will help you excel in raising brand awareness and, in the process, more funds.

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