PTA Fundraiser: Ditch the Catalog With Shoes

If your school needs to raise money, then you need to rethink fundraising. Everyone is tired of catalog sales and selling merch that no one wants to buy. That’s why New York State PTA decided to give you something different for your PTA fundraiser. We’ve partnered with Funds2Orgs, the nation’s leading shoe drive fundraising social enterprise. For years, they’ve worked with thousands of schools, PTAs, educational groups, and others in a creative fundraiser. There’s no need to sell anything, and there’s no need to ask for any funds.

How Your PTA Fundraiser Works

When you work with the shoe drive fundraising leader, you get everything you need—without any out of pocket costs. All you have to do for this creative PTA fundraising idea is to collect gently worn, used and new shoes. The fundraising formula is super easy: More Shoes = More Money. So, the more shoes you collect in your community, the higher the amount of the check issued to you by Funds2Orgs. What’s more, your PTA community is going to love the idea of not having to buy anything or donate money. And, who doesn’t like to clean out their closets of the shoes they no longer need?

NYSPTA - Shoe Drive Fundraisers!

What You Get for Your Shoe Drive Fundraiser

When you do a shoe drive fundraiser with our partner, Funds2Orgs, you get first-in-class service and support. In short, no one else compares. The following are just a few of the benefits you get for your PTA fundraiser.

  • No one has to pay any out-of-pocket expenses.
  • You work with a team of dedicated fundraising coaches.
  • All of the shoe collection materials include bags and rubber bands get provided to you.
  • You also receive customizable marketing materials for your PTA fundraiser.
  • Once your fundraiser ends, the Funds2Orgs logistics team picks up the shoes from your location.
  • Funds2Orgs sends your PTA fundraising check within 2 business days of receipt of the shoes at their warehouse.

What More Benefits Occur With Your PTA Fundraiser?

When you do a shoe drive fundraiser, almost anyone in your community could support it. Most families have 10 to 15 pairs of shoes they don’t use anymore hidden in closets and storage. So, those shoes become currency for your PTA fundraiser. What’s more, with a shoe drive fundraiser, you help repurpose shoes, which is excellent for the planet and sustainability. Ultimately the shoes you collect get shipped by Funds2Orgs to micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations. By selling the footwear, they help themselves out of poverty. So, your PTA fundraiser is also a hand-up for others around the world.

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