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Funds2Orgs gets a gold star from our shoe drive fundraising partners -- here's why

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Here are what some of our shoe drive fundraising partners are saying about us!

Great company to work with. They never left you hanging, they were with you from start to finish. Can’t wait for our community to start saving shoes again.Lora M.

I want to thank Tim for helping us with our shoe drive. He was very helpful and informative. Our shoe drive was a great success and Funds2orgs.com is a great company to work with! Thank you for all your help and support! We have highly recommended your company to other new prospects!Diane H.
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I have worked for a non-profit in Birmingham, Alabama for a number of years and have not seen a more organized, efficient way to receive funds from used product drives. The whole scenario when a ministry engages with the funds2orgs idea just creates a win-win for each. People like to help, and funds2orgs is there to facilitate. What a pleasure partnering with them in a fundraising effort, and our ministry raised a great deal of money quickly.Jeanne C.

Every bit of our experience with this company was positive. Our supplies were delivered on time. Our coach was very encouraging and upbeat. When we had a problem she went to bat for us. The drivers arrived on time and were very courteous. We will use this company again.Anne P.

We used Funds2Orgs to raise money for our high school Project Graduation. The sign-up process was easy & our supplies arrived right on time. Our coach was Tammy, & she was very encouraging, sweet & helpful in helping us reach our 100 bag goal (which we surpassed). Ben in Logistics was very efficient in scheduling our pick-up. And Tom’s emails for weekly fundraising tips were helpful as well. We had an interim pickup halfway through, & the check was mailed very promptly for what was collected so far. We made roughly $1600 for 166 bags (about $10/bag). We will definitely be passing the fundraiser idea to next year’s Project Graduation group.Linda G.

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Our organization has had very positive experiences with Funds2orgs. They have helped make our fundraising very easy. They are always helpful and willing to answer any questions. Tim P**** is our new customer service rep and I can’t say enough positive comments about him. He is a great cheerleader through his encouragement. The logistics team and our drivers who pick up are always pleasant and easy to work with. I have to say that if I lived in Florida I believe they would be a great company to work for.Cheryl L.


When I heard about using Funds2Orgs as a fundraiser I was a tad skeptical. I was afraid that we would not be able to collect 100 bags of shoes (2,500 pairs of shoes) in a 60 day period. Our coach, Donna, could not have been nicer or more accommodating. She constantly checked in with us and was willing to lend any support needed. The materials arrived very quickly which enabled us to get started and Donna was always available by email or phone if we had any questions. We were not only able to meet our goal but surpass it! The truck was prompt in picking up the shoes and the truckdriver, Jorge, could not have been nicer. It is really refreshing to deal with such nice people! We received our check in less than seven days! We are definitely going to use them again in the future and I will definitely be spreading the word to other nonprofits! Thank you so very much!Fran S.

Our school just completed a Shoe Drive with Funds2orgs. Our drive was from June 1 to Aug. 30, 2015. Our experience with Funds2orgs was wonderful and our Fundraising Coach, Tammy E*****, was amazing to work with. She was always available to us via email or phone and able to answer all of our questions. Our school earned $4033.60 over the period. The company sent trucks to pick up our shoe collections 3 different times and were punctual and professional. We received checks within a week to 2 weeks after each pick up. If we needed extra supplies like rubber bands & plastic bags they were mailed and received within 3 days or less. They had plenty of media samples online and weekly ideas emailed to help support the Shoe Drive Coordinator and boost the drive. Overall it was an incredible experience for our school! -Parent Volunteer and Shoe Drive CoordinatorLisa G.

This is our second year working with Funds2Orgs and came in wondering if we would be able to do as well as we did last year when we collected about 7500 pairs of shoes. Not only did we meet our goal of matching what we collected last year, we smashed it by collecting over 13,000 pairs of shoes. We were so pleased with how many people wanted to work with us in collecting shoes. It has really hit a sweet spot with a lot of people by providing an alternative to just giving your shoes you no longer need to a thrift shop. Funds2Org has been great to work with. They are so responsive and pleasant when ever you contact them and are really concerned about your success.George R.

In six short weeks, our charity collected over 8,000 pounds of shoes (nearly 7500 pairs!) and last week we received a check for $3, 224.40 – less than one week after the truck came to pick up our shoes. Funds2Orgs was great to work with – very helpful, provided quick responses to questions (both by email and phone) and gave us great advice and encouragement. The community response was fantastic – lots of excitement and willingness to donate. We had several local churches, schools and businesses volunteer to be collection sites. Several neighborhoods also volunteered to hold shoe drives at their club houses and other non-profits in town offered to help us collect shoes. One of my favorite stories from the drive involved a local organization that ministers to an impoverished area in our county – caring for people, many of whom are disabled, elderly, and poor. They volunteered to put a collection box in their center and filled it up with shoes FIVE times. A gentleman came in one day with shoes falling apart and was able to pick out some “new” shoes from their clothes closet. He then took the old shoes off his feet and put them in our collection box – the director said it made him so happy to not just receive generosity but to be able to give generously in return. When I thanked them for helping us collect shoes, their director said, “No Thank YOU!!!! It has given our Grove Friends a way to give back!” I highly recommend partnering with Funds2Orgs to raise money for your non-profit by collecting shoes. Not only did we collect thousands of pairs and keep them out of the local landfills, we also had the opportunity to spread the word about Young Life to people and places who had never heard of us before now. This was a win-win for our community, our environment and our organization!Trina G - Williamsburg, VA
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The shoe drive has opened so many doors for our organization. Being an organization that works internationally we run into A LOT of companies that shut you down immediately. “We only donate locally.” It gets very difficult to keep on going forward with optimism. The shoe drive has been so well received by people that normally would say – “we only donate locally”. It has open the eyes of company owners large and small – Walmart to Chiropractors offices to health clubs to schools -to show them that it only takes so little to make a huge difference in a Third World country. We are going to do a photo shoot for a newspaper this afternoon. We have reach so many people through this drive that we never would have reached any other way. It has been a tremendous blessing to our organization. We have had people give us the shoes off their feet to help the cause. We have had lots of people do their own drives at work, in their own neighborhoods through their own businesses – salons, health clubs, in their schools and so much more. We have seen amazing things accomplished through this shoe drive.Carrie R. - New Berlin, WI


I also want to thank you guys for allowing God to use you for this wonderful project. It has been a joy meeting different people who are cleaning out their closets and opening their hearts. It has been a lot of hard work, but a wonderful experience. Thank you!Melissa S.

After having been a longtime event coordinator/fundraiser for some very high profile celebrity filled events, the Funds2org shoe drive that I held will be the fundraiser that I remember the most as my career goes on. This fundraiser brought our community together more than I have experienced before. Not only did we receive much press coverage, but we gained new supporters, volunteers and put our nonprofit on the map so to speak.Melissa W.


Thank you Fund2Orgs! We just completed our shoe drive, and reached our goal of 7,500 pairs. The shoe drive not only helped us to raise money to support our own programs, but allowed us to do good in our community by partnering with local businesses and organizations. It was also a fantastic experience for our dancers, who learned the value of helping others. The staff at Funds2Orgs were with us every step of the way, providing suggestions and tips for a successful drive. I highly recommend this fundraiser.Jennifer W.

Our church held our first ever shoe drive on 2/2/12 which was Super Bowl Sunday… Only we called it Super Sole Sunday! There was a huge buzz as people brought their bags (almost 250) of shoes to a rented truck that we parked just outside the main entrance to where we meet for church. For us the entire program was a “win” “win” “win”. People that don’t normally get involved in outreach jumped in, our shoes will make a difference to people all around the world AND we’re using our payback money to help children in extreme poverty in Uganda get school supplies and plant a garden at their school.Darin B.


My high school’s National Honor Society just finished a fundraiser with Funds2Orgs. It was great. They are so helpful. We look forward to doing it again soon.Lynne B.

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A small chapter of an international organization, our membership needed to raise monies to support our mission in providing ground and air transportation to those with medical needs. Fund2Orgs was a perfect fit for our group. We found everyone we reached out to for shoes to be receptive to the work of Funds2Orgs as well as our purpose for fundraising. Communication between us and the coaching staff of Funds2orgs was clear and readily available in a variety of formats. Folks there were personable and helpful in providing suggestions for success and cheering us on during the campaign. Resources to help promote our fundraiser were made available online for our use, as well as necessary collection tools for packing up the shoes. If I didn’t feel we gathered every last available sole in our community, I would do this fundraiser again very soon. We exceeded our expectations of collecting 2500 pairs of shoes, as we collected 6475 pairs of shoes. That’s real success! Thank you, Funds2Orgs!Donna B.

I had the opportunity of working with Funds2Orgs for 8 weeks during our Shoes for Shelters campaign. Even though Funds2Orgs is located in Florida (I am in Iowa), they were very communicative and provided fast shipping of materials. They were always there to answer my questions and provide support during our event. In the end, they completed all of their obligations in a quick, efficient and satisfactory manner. If given the opportunity, I would be glad to work with them again! PS-for those that are nervous if they are “legit”, I was too. After much research, I assure you they are a great organization to partner with.Peyton F.

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Wow! I have never worked with a company that was so helpful and nice. They did everything they could to make sure we met our goal. They checked up on us to see how we were doing, gave us recommendations on what might work, and I just knew they would always be there if I needed them. Very easy to work with, very accommodating and very nice. Really, I couldn’t have asked for a better organization to work with. Will definitely go to them again when we need a fundraiser.Peggy B.

Provides great support and guidance throughout the process, they work to help you be as successful as possible from beginning to end.Eric V.

Working with Funds2Orgs was fun and easy. They are very helpful and I enjoyed working them. We received the bags right away and the bags were picked up on time and the check arrived within 2-3 days. It was the easiest fundraiser I ever organized.Lynn G.

They are professional, easy to contact, and well organized. We had a great experience with Funds2Orgs.Jennifer W.

Funds2orgs.com did an excellent job in working with us on a very quick fundraiser for our Kiwanis clubs in the greater Baton Rouge area. The support they gave made for a successful “event” as well as a great fundraiser. Most of our donors and workers were excited to be part of a fundraising event that was as much a public service as the project we were raising funds for! Our coordinator,Earl ****, went the extra mile to get the truck to our locale at a date we needed for a successful event. A great experience overall; I definitely recommend them, and will certainly work with them again in the future.Jeff W.


Funds2Orgs, LLC is an amazing company and a great one to be associated with. Our high school collected over 40 bags of shoes for third world countries. We worked with K*** from Funds2Orgs. She is exceptional. This business deserves an “A” rating.Lori F.

Very friendly company to work with. They paid very timely and were very helpful with tips on how to maximize. love them!Kim C.

We have just finished a successful shoe drive. The communication from Funds2orgs was clear and easy. The check for the mid drive pick up came quickly. We plan to do this fund raiser again!Eugenia V.

We worked with Funds2orgs last fall for our first shoe drive. We were very pleased with their support and professionalize from the first phone call to the final check delivery. Everyone was very pleasant and responded quickly when needed. We were able to use their resources and ideas for marketing and raised over $2,500. We plan to host another shoe drive with them during the next year.Beth A.

I am a parent adviser for my son’s Youth in Government Club. We were looking for a fundraiser and community service projects and found both in Fund2Orgs. We collected over 6,000 pairs of shoes to start micro-enterprises in low income areas all over the world. We were able to raise over $2,000! Working with Funds2Orgs was a great experience. I called our contact person, **** ******* whenever I had a question, and they she and her co-workers were always able to help us. They made it easy to schedule the shoe pickup, and the truck was always on time. I would highly recommend working with Funds2Orgs. They are a great company!Lynn H.

Our nonprofit had a great experience with Funds2orgs. Our fundraising strategist really wanted us to succeed. She kept on top of our fundraising efforts and offered many suggestions so we could reach more donors.Renee B.

As a Keep America Beautiful Affiliate, I wanted to be sure we were dealing with an ethical company that could help us go beyond our traditional fundraising campaigns. Fund2Orgs gave us references of other KAB affiliates that used their program and we were quickly able to assure ourselves that this was a bonafide company to work with. They provided us with tips and were on time with the pickup of shoes and delivery of the check. Our community supported the shoe drive with great enthusiasm. We are doing it again this year.Pat I.

Funds2Orgs was very easy to work with and provided great resources to market our shoe drive! Every employee I interacted with was professional and prompt when returning calls and followed through on every promise they made. We raised over $3,000 for our Girls on the Run NEFL Scholarship Fund and received our check a week after they picked up the shoes.Girls on the Run of North

Funds2orgs worked very well for our group. They were there to help from beginning to end. We would recommend this group to everyone.Becky R.
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We used Funds2Orgs to fundraise for our adoption. We raised approximately $2500 collected friends’ and families’ unwanted shoes some were shoes that would’ve been thrown away; others were practically brand new and were probably headed to a thrift store. The organization of Funds2Orgs is spot on. Their employees are friendly and super easy to work with and the truck drivers (who came to pick up our shoes) were such nice, hardworking guys. It was a true pleasure. I will definitely be spreading the word about Funds2Orgs to other adoptive families within our community when they set out to fundraise.Heather B.


As the PTA President of an Elementary school I was looking for new, low/no cost to us or parents, ways to raise money for our school, when I found this organization on the national PTA website. What a wonderful way to not only raise money without buying or selling anything but to also help others in need. Everyone at Funds2orgs was very friendly and helpful with any questions we had. They would contact us weekly to see how things were going and to offer their assistance if needed. I would highly recommend Funds2orgs. This by far has been one of the easiest low cost fundraisers we have done. Working with this organization was a great experience for our School. Drewry Mason Elementary School PTA Thanks youDMES PTA

A win-win fundraiser for our sports team. Was easier then expected to get all families to help meet our goal. Funds2Orgs was professional and timely in picking up shoes and delivering checks. Resources provided to get the word out on social media added to our success. A great alternative to traditional fundraising.Sue S.

Fantastic fund raiser. The best fund raiser I have ever head about. It is win-win. A third world county benefits, our non-profit raised funds and we did not have to ask anyone for money. We can’t wait to do the next one. Lots of community support. Funds2Orgs were supportive and the check arrived quickly. This is a real review: Check us out : www.lifecenterofhernando.comBarbara L.

Funds2Orgs is a very organized business that I would recommend to any non-profit looking to raise money and awareness of your mission. We received weekly email tips and phone calls from my fundraising coach to help us collect even more shoes. They are very considerate when scheduling pick-ups and we did not have to wait for our payments from them either. Highly recommend!!Kimberlee Z.

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The YWCA NorthEastern NY was looking for a new fundraiser with low overhead cost and time from our staff. Working with Funds2Orgs was a WONDERFUL experience! They provided the start up materials we needed to market and plan our shoe drive. Our fundraising coach was very response to our questions and helpful in getting started. Getting additional bags took time and scheduling for pickups was delayed due to the holidays. But it was a success and we would try it again.YWCA NENY

Funds2Orgs was a great fundraiser for our church. Everyone was so helpful and we raised money for Operation Christmas Child . It was hard work but worth it all. I would recommend this fundraiser to anyone that is willing to work and collect shoes.Pat J.

The Lake Brantley Band in Altamonte Springs learned about Funds2Orgs from one of our band parents and passed the information along to us. When we first got this information, we decided to do some research because this sounded like one of those its too good to be true situations€. Thankfully, another band parent had been involved with the organization with her school. We decided to give it a try. I will say this has been the easiest and most rewarding fundraiser we have been involved with in a long time. What a great way to help others that are in need by getting rid of something that is no longer of use to you and keeping your unwanted items out of the landfill. Everyone that I dealt with in the organization was extremely professional, kind and eager to help with whatever was needed. All materials were provided as promised. The truck was on time and the money was received within a week of the shoes being picked up. The band collected about 7,850 pairs of shoes and made$2,978.00. Hopefully, we will be able to work with Funds2Orgs again in the future.Sue T.

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This organization is filled with people who care. Their mission to help others is true. My church did this fundraiser and we helped others whom we will never meet and with the money we earned we were able to help those we do know. A great experience and great support from the staff. I highly recommend Funds2Orgs for your next fundraising event.Karla S.

Working with Funds2Orgs was a WONDERFUL experience! They provided all the materials we needed to market and plan our shoe drive, saving us many hours of planning time. Our fundraising coach responded to questions very quickly, usually within an hour. The logistics of the truck coming to get the shoes happened exactly as our Funds2Orgs contacts told us it would, and they kept us updated with any changes. Most importantly, our $2,297 check was sent a week after we loaded all of our shoes onto the Funds2Orgs truck. We can immediately put our funds to work in our community without waiting and waiting for the payment to finally com, and we know that our shoes are on their way to making a difference for families in other countries. I would highly recommend this shoe drive project through Funds2Orgs to any group!Jessica U.

This was our second year to work with Funds2Orgs, LLC. It is a lot of work to collect all the shoes and store them. But it has expanded into a much anticipated community project. Additionally, it has had a positive impact on our bottom line!!! Easy to deal with the staff and pick up schedules are spot on.Navajo County Drug Project

We worked with Funds2Orgs to raise money for our non-profit work with at risk youth. The process is very straight forward and the materials provided are excellent. We found this fundraiser to be good because it allowed us to introduce ourselves to many other companies, groups and organizations with a very easy ‘ask’. We were able to promote our mission without asking for money, product donations or any length of time for people to attend an event. On top of that, everyone was thrilled about helping the micro-business efforts in developing lands and keeping the planet a little cleaner. Our contact at F2O was always available for questions or support and when the shoes were picked up, the drivers were very friendly and easy to work with. The drive took a little longer than we had anticipated but overall it was a very positive experience. We were also paid promptly.Karen V.

Working with Funds2Orgs was a fantastic experience.Having a fundraiser that benefits everyone is such a positive experience. They were very helpful through the whole process,answered any questions I had and gave great ideas on how to reach out to people. Their truck drivers were very nice and helpful. Funds2Orgs also distributed our funds within a week of picking up shoes. I really appreciated not having to wait weeks for this. I highly recommend this fundraiser to everyone.Marylou F.

Funds2Orgs, LLC is truly a top notch organization that stays true to its form. Funds2Orgs’ customer service reflects the company as whole; Positive and Motivational. Their objective to utilize shoes to assist others in developing countries is a profound idea that we as an organization are proud and honored to be a part of. The compensational assistance we have received from Funds2Orgs has made it easier for our non profit organization to further our programming goals in helping youths in need in low income communities throughout the City of ******* and abroad. Thank you once again on behalf of ******* ******** ************Tajudeena J.

We are a sheltered workshop for DD adults in Southern Ohio, which is still one of the most depressed in Ohio and the mid-West. This program is a win-win for us and all the companies, churches, schools and local individuals whom help us. We don’t have to beg for assistance because companies and churches volunteer to help us since there is no monetary cost for them. All we need to do is provide a container for them to take the shoe donations. This is our second year in the program and Funds2Orgs has done everything promised and more. The pick-up drivers have been wonderful in helping us load the trucks and within days, we have received our checks. Funds2Orgs has certainly adjusted to meet our needs as the program has developed.Linda S.

We are a very small non-profit that attempts to do big things internationally, therefore, we are always researching ways shoe drive fundraising for animal sheltersto fundraise. Micro-enterprise has been one of our focuses for years so we were thrilled when we discovered Funds2Orgs! Immediately it looked like a real win-win activity. We contacted them and were met with very capable and caring people…no recorded messages! We raised a little more than $5,000 in a couple of months. We worked with about 5 F2O staff and everyone of them were friendly and extremely knowledgeable. We had to have two pick ups of shoes and both drivers were amazingly hard workers helping us load, which was going above and beyond. We now even consider the coach our friend. Overall, Funds2Orgs delivered exactly what they promised and even exceeded our expectations. We are definitely planning on working with them again soon! Everyone wins with Funds2Orgs!Paulette D.

We just wrapped up a shoe collection drive for our gymnastics team. It is the first time we ever did a fundraiser like this and WOW….it was a great experience for the kids and parents in our program. We raised over $1000 for our program and plan to do this drive again next year. Already parents have ideas on how to make it even more successful. The staff at Funds2Orgs was very helpful. It was a pleasure working with them. Collecting all the shoes was a lot of work, but our fundraising coach gave us plenty of tips and tools so that we could be successful. We set a goal and we more than reached it.Susan F.

We’re Good Samaritan Ministries in Beaverton Oregon and used Funds2Orgs to generate nearly $5,000 last July. We collected used shoes that were sent to Chile to be sold by micro businesses (individual entrepreneurs). Our organization operates in 32 countries around the world and value an operation like Funds2Orgs where everyone benefits; the collectors (us) the facilitators (F2O) the individual selling the shoes in Chile and the person who gets a great deal on a pair of gently worn Nike shoes. Our experience with the drive coordinator was positive even with the challenges we sent his way! We had to change the drive end date several times and the size of the truck at least once. They were always accommodating. We will work with them again.Ted E.

We have been working with Funds2Orgs since May 2014. *** ********* has been an excellent Coach and we are thankful for his leadership and insight. We approached Funds2Orgs to conduct a shoe drive. It sounds too good to be true, but THIS WORKS! We are a 501c3 not-for-profit group of Christian Radio Stations…we approached our listenership with the challenge of giving us their gently used shoes, and they responded. Funds2Orgs does the rest in getting these shoes to third world countries where individuals can be trained to refurbish the shoes and resale them to sustain their families. We have raised nearly $4,000.00 to date, and are still going strong. Funds2Orgs is a first class organization and I have nothing but praise for the work they are doing.Melissa B.

My name is Dan D., and I am the co-founder of a not-for-profit organization called *** **** ***** In these days of shrinking dollars for fundraising, it’s important to look outside the box for new and various ways to keep your mission alive. One of the most effective ways we’ve been able to achieve this is through shoe-drives, with the help of Funds2Orgs. Through their strategy, as well as help with materials and marketing, we have held various drives around the St. Louis area over the last 18 months. *** **** **** has been able to net over $10,000 to further our mission to lift the veil on cancer. Logistics is a breeze, they provide bags and know-how, as well as exceptionally prompt payments for the shoes you collect. They absolutely do what they say they do. I would highly recommend Funds2Orgs to any not-for-profit organization as a way to supplement your mission.Dan D.

As I read the Funds2Orgs information, my first impression was-“really?…it’s too simple”. After some inquiring found it to be a win-win-win for all concerned. 1. We get rid of our unwanted shoes, 2.our program earns $, and 3. people in developing countries can earn a living for their families by refurbishing the shoes and creating small businesses to sell them. Then my reaction became…WOW…how much good comes from such a simple premise. They provide instructional materials, bags, rubberbands, and a “coach” who is available via phone or e-mail whenever you need them for whatever reason. I have found them to be very professional and helpful, wanting to help you succeed in your shoe drive. Our contract was to collect 7,500 pairs to earn $3,000 for our program, I’m pleased to say we nearly doubled our efforts! We had several pickups and once the shoes reached their destination, we promptly received our checks.Patti P.

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