What is a Social Enterprise?

Shoe drive fundraisers can help any social enterprise across the globe.

A social enterprise is an organization that seeks to make a profit and a positive impact on its community or the world. Social enterprises apply business strategies to seek improvements in human well-being instead of only trying to maximize profits for shareholders.

Social enterprise businesses, like Funds2Orgs, are designed to provide innovative solutions to the intractable challenges facing society, such as poverty and lack of sustainability. They help ease pressing social issues, improve lives, communities and the environment. They earn money and function like any business but work to make a societal impact, often reinvesting their profits to scale-up the impact they make.

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A social enterprise betters the world by:

  • Creating jobs
  • Reinvesting profits into communities
  • Protecting the environment
  • Providing vital services
  • Creating sustainability

Social enterprises are growing rapidly around the world because:

  • Entrepreneurs are looking for a more rewarding way to make money and make a positive impact on communities and the planet.
  • Consumers, governments, and organizations around the world are seeking to patronize and partner with socially responsible companies.
  • Economic and environmental sustainability have become a global priority.
  • For-profit companies are increasingly aligning their business models and plans with social impact and responsibility.


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