Why Shoes?

Why shoe drive fundraisers work for any fundraising event.

Shoe Drive Fundraisers Are What Funds2Orgs Does. Every. Single. Day.

We’re a for-profit social enterprise company that’s all about making shoe drive fundraisers a success. We think you may like to know why thousands of nonprofits, schools, churches, groups, and individuals have partnered with us. You can read about our story and creative fundraising ideas, but here we’d like to tell you why we get excited about shoes.

Shoes are in the DNA of Funds2Orgs.

Funds2Orgs helps our shoe drive fundraising partners with a new way to engage supporters. Our partners never have to ask anyone for money. All they have to do is collect gently worn, used and new shoes. Funds2Orgs issues a check for the shoes.

What Happens to the Shoes You Collect?

Team members from Funds2Orgs have traveled to developing nations to see micro-entrepreneurs in action. Micro-entrepreneurs set up small businesses. Because of systemic poverty in many developing countries around the world, working-age adults have to create their own economic opportunities.

The shoes you collect serve as a philanthropic bridge to give people a hand-up and work opportunity, rather than just a hand-out. Micro-entrepreneurs set up small businesses. They sell the shoes you gather in their communities, which creates business and commerce opportunities leading to sustainability.

What else?

The footwear collected in your shoe drive fundraisers give your city or town a socially responsible way to dispose of shoes, which can take more than a lifetime to decompose when discarded improperly.

We like to have fun at Funds2Orgs. We think you do too.

And that’s why shoes—and shoe drive fundraisers—are so important!

To read more about “Why Shoes? The Story of Mico-Enterprise”, please download our PDF by clicking this link!

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