Nonprofits and social organizations have an added need for fundraising dollars. And, that’s one of the reasons we’ve pushed fundraising ideas recently on our blog. Before we shift gears on how to promote a fundraiser, check out some of our most visited resources.

Now, let’s switch gears and get into online fundraising and promotion. As we know, raising dollars online has become a skill that has to get mastered now more than ever. And, promotion is the key that unlocks fundraising dollars. In other words, the more you understand how to market, the better your fundraising results.

How to Promote a Fundraiser Online

1. Get Started in Facebook Groups

Did you know that nonprofits have some excellent Facebook groups? If you want to get some inspiration from your nonprofit peers for online fundraising and promotion, join the social conversations. Some great Facebook Groups where great discussions happen are Nonprofit Communications Professionals, Nonprofit Happy Hour, Nonprofits on Facebook, and Fundraising Chat. By engaging with other professionals in the space, you have opportunities for support, inspiration, and learning. And, yes, you should ask for their ideas for how to promote a fundraiser. Learn what works for other groups so you can try it in your organization.

F2OTallQuote_0706a2. Telling Your Nonprofit Story in the Best Way Possible

Learning how to tell your nonprofit story well is probably one of the most fundamental things you need to do for online fundraising. As we all know, donors see thousands of messages a day. So, the only way for you to cut through that noise is to share compelling and authentic nonprofit storytelling about your cause. One of the ways you could start sharpening your storytelling skills is by reading How to Tell Your Story in One Paragraph. Also, think of innovative ways to share information about your cause, such as by getting into charity streaming.

3. Content Marketing is Essential for Promoting Your Fundraising Campaign

Along with storytelling, content marketing is an essential aspect of promoting your online fundraising efforts. Again, there’s a lot of stuff online. So, one of the best things you could do for your fundraising is to kickstart your nonprofit marketing by mastering content marketing. What that means in practice is understanding well what your audience responds to from what you share. Also, it means regularly sharing that valuable and relevant content that they want to read. It takes time to get it done right, but it’s vital for ultimately getting charitable contributions.

4. Reach Out to Influencers on Social Media for Online Fundraising

Perhaps you’ve heard about influencer marketing. The reality is that people like recommendations from other people. For instance, that’s why Google Reviews or the number of stars for products on Amazon matter. A great way of understanding how to promote a fundraiser is to learn about influencer marketing. As we noted in our article Instagram Influencer Marketing: 7 Tips, engagement increases when your content gets shared by influencers. And, yes, that even includes so-called micro-influencers with as little as 1,000 followers.

5. Leverage Partnerships to Enhance the Donor Experience

F2OLongQuote_0706bFinally, have you ever thought of partnering with other nonprofits, schools, and organizations in your area? Because of the events of this year, donors are uncertain about the economy, jobs, and that impacts giving. So, one way to get around it is to partner with other like-minded organizations to develop distinctive and complementary programs. As a result, these strategic partnerships and nonprofit leadership enhance the donor experience. Also, donors can feel that when they donate to a unique community-wide collaboration, they are helping on a broader scale. And that only helps get your name, as well as others, out in your town.

In sum, we understand that the needs in our communities have only increased. We know that as a country, we are experiencing a lot of pain in 2020. However, we can rise above it by sharing our resources and keeping focused on what we do best. And, that’s being great social good leaders who want to do good for the people in their communities.

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