Nonprofit fundraising ideas have to be fresh, fun and easy in the digital era. Millennials and Generation Z generations have pushed society toward more awareness, and real and sustainable answers for social changes. In other words, people want to see results and impact, and they’re happy to support a cause when nonprofits can demonstrate that they are making a positive difference in the world.

For nonprofits to accomplish their missions, however, it takes money. Thankfully, nonprofit fundraising doesn’t only have to include asking for money. The top nonprofit fundraising ideas offer opportunities that can quickly fill up a fundraising calendar with lots of fun, easy and engaging opportunities to raise funds.

Let’s get started with our top 5 ideas for nonprofits to raise money.

  • Shoe drive fundraising: A shoe drive fundraiser is an excellent way to raise funds because your nonprofit doesn’t have to ask for any money. It can be a stand-alone fundraiser or serve as a complimentary fundraiser to another event you have happening, such as an auction or 5K race. Additionally, a shoe drive fundraiser has a few excellent benefits, which are a win/win/win. You raise money by collecting gently worn, used and new shoes. Your shoe drive fundraising company will issue you a check for the footwear. Additionally, your nonprofit keeps the shoes outside of the trash in this socially responsible fundraiser, and you support micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations seeking to help themselves out of poverty.
  • Matching gifts: So many nonprofits miss this effortless way to raise money. Corporations provide social good opportunities for their employees, and it can mean significant money for your nonprofit. It’s important to let people who donate to your nonprofit know that there is an opportunity for them to match the contribution they’re making by two or even three times more money. All your nonprofit has to do is to promote matching gifts on your website, using social media and other promotional opportunities, such as all of your contribution forms. Double the Donation has the most comprehensive database for matching gifts for your organization to review.
  • 5K race: Many nonprofits that have causes related to supporting people with diseases, such as cancer, have taken advantage of 5K races. However, it’s an excellent type of fundraiser that doesn’t have to be limited to organizations dealing with health-related issues. When you sponsor a 5K race, you have the chance to get your entire community involved. Runners pay a registration fee; companies sponsor runners, as well as friends and colleagues of the runners who are asked for additional sponsorship in their running for your cause. Additionally, 5K races provide an excellent opportunity for more money by collecting footwear in a shoe drive fundraiser, and the sales of t-shirts and other swag. 
  • Video game tournament: Millions of people, especially Millennials and Gen Z play videos. A competition is an excellent way to not only attract current supporters who play videos, but also your broader community. Provide video game consoles and some of the best video games out there, such as Super Smash Bros and Sonic, and then ask participants and spectators of all ages to attend a video gaming night. Participants pay a registration fee, and spectators pay an entrance fee. You can also promote this fun event by live streaming it, to ensure you get a higher level of attendance, and even by having fun prizes for the top players.
  • Sip and paint class: Ask your community of supporters to get their creative spirits on by having them pay a fee for a sip and paint class. Ask a painter who enjoys teaching others to facilitate a sip and paint class. Ask participants to bring their own wine or artisan beers, or provide it for them, and have your painting teacher provide them with fun lessons that will help people develop their creativity while they’re supporting a great cause. If you happen to have very talented participants, you might also consider auctioning off the art for additional funds raised in your sip and paint fundraiser.

A shoe drive fundraiser can serve as a stand-alone fundraiser, or it can also complement one of the fundraisers mentioned. For 25 unique fundraising ideas for your nonprofit, check out our guide.


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