Social media is something that keeps on evolving, and that continues to be the case in the 2020s. However, nonprofits have to try to master it because social networking is one of the most fundamental forms of communication in the digital age. So, while the future of social media will involve new platforms, attracting new generations of young people, there are still a few platforms that nonprofits can rest assured remain with us for the foreseeable future. Those platforms are Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. And, you have the chance to understand how to leverage them with our free guide you can download here.

It doesn’t matter if you seek to run a peer-to-peer fundraiser for your school, or you want to grow your community nonprofit. The reality is that social media is an essential tool in your marketing and fundraising efforts. Therefore, let’s take a look at some of the 2020s trends that you’ll learn in the guide for marketing and social media. This is your opportunity to discover the impact digital marketing trends can have on your nonprofit.

  • Ephemeral content gains in popularity. Content that disappears in 24 hours offers you an opportunity to drive urgency.
  • Instagram removes likes. Instagram is the first social media platform to remove likes to help with concerns about mental health. 2020s trends for social media suggest that other platforms will follow.
  • Video content continues to grow. The future of social media is heavily dependent on video. In fact, soon 82% of all content on social networking platforms is video, as reported by Influencer Marketing Hub.
  • Technology gets incorporated into daily life. Get ready for augmented reality and virtual reality as the lines blur between the so-called real and digital worlds.

2020s Trends for Social Media You Need to Know

As the guide informs you, there are three critical trends for the future of social media. And, those include the following things:

1) Influencer marketing—One of the top 2020s trends

Your nonprofit can get ahead of the competition if it understands how to leverage influencer marketing. Just so you know, it’s one of the hottest 2020s trends. As a result, learn about what could make a significant impact on your marketing efforts and the future social media work of your group. There are three types of influencers. And, the guide will provide you with an understanding of those three categories so you can learn to target the right persons.

2) SEO and voice search—Enormous change is coming

By now, you understand that you have to use search engine optimization (SEO) for your site. But, did you know that SEO is about to go through a huge change based on 2020s trends? The most significant evolution for SEO is voice search. In the guide, you’ll understand why voice SEO is different than the SEO you’ve done to this point. In other words, voice search SEO is different than regular SEO. The guide will inform you about the main difference you need to understand.

3) Transformative marketing—Beyond disruption

We all know that we live in a world of continual disruption. And, the old ways of doing things give way to new ideas and methods. However, transformative marketing goes a step further. In the guide, you’ll learn why transformative marketing is one of the trends we see for the future of marketing, social media, and beyond. Transformative marketing anticipates what your donors and supporters want to see. You’ll discover one of the top social trends that can impact your nonprofit, and you can leverage it through transformative marketing.

Finally, when you download the free guide to the future of social media, you’ll discover a lot more. For instance, you’ll read about five marketing ideas you should be doing at your nonprofit to ensure success taking advantage of 2020s trends. Further, you’ll discover ideas on how to leverage the power of Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, which you might not have considered. We’ve learned that the most successful nonprofits master marketing and social media. And, they’re groups that use all new resources at hand to promote and raise money for their nonprofit brands. So, download the guide and discover opportunities to develop your brand in ways you may not have thought to do. For more of our tips and ideas, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.



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