Here’s the scoop on sustainability; it’s essential. People around the world realize that we all have to do more to help the environment and the planet. As a result, if you pay attention, you’ll find more articles about repurposing and recycling. Still, did you know that one of the most significant issues we have is with textiles? Unfortunately, consumers are too quick to get rid of footwear and clothing in ways that aren’t sustainable. So, we’re going to share our 5 ways for how to make shoes last longer!

donate your shoes

1) Give Your Shoes to a Shoe Drive Fundraiser

Our top way to support sustainability and the tops on our list for how to make footwear last longer are shoe drive fundraisers. Perhaps you’re not familiar with it. No worries. Shoe drive fundraisers are the best way to repurpose your footwear. The benefits of it are excellent. First, you get the chance to extend the life of your shoes while you help a great cause in your community. Second, this socially responsible fundraiser helps the planet because your shoes get a new lease on life. Finally, you also help micro-entrepreneurs living in developing nations help themselves out of poverty by selling shoes.

In short, when you do or contribute to a shoe drive fundraiser, there’s no need to give any money. Instead, the footwear is the currency. The more shoes collected, the higher the fundraising check provided by a shoe drive fundraising partner. Once the fundraiser ends, the footwear gets picked up, and a check gets issued for a good cause. Eventually, the shoes get shipped worldwide to small business owners who sell them in their communities. So, a shoe drive fundraiser extends the life of your shoes, helps the environment, a good cause in your community and people around the world!

Shoe repair

2) Give Some Business to Your Local Repair Shops

We know that many people are no longer going to the office, but millions still do it even as remote working and flexible location working take root. There was a time when office workers would purchase high-quality leather footwear. And while many people are opting for comfort, you can extend the life of your footwear if you did one simple thing before wearing them. That thing is to take them to the repair shop and put an extra layer of soles on them.

The reality is that high-quality leather footwear comes with a good sole, but it should get reinforced. Doing so not only extends the life of your footwear, but it provides business for your local shoe repair shops! Also, if you happen to have footwear you love in your closet with worn soles, take them to the local repair shop. Give them a new lease on life. In short, your repair shop could give them new soles, shine them up, and even repair any loose threading or scuffed heels.

Shoe planters

3) Repurpose Your Shoes into Planters

Again, sustainability is essential. And as we remember from science class, we need plants and greens to help us. Plants process the carbon dioxide that gets emitted and give us oxygen. Moreover, plants in homes make for beautiful accents and decor. Scientific studies have demonstrated that green plants and colorful flowers help reduce stress. And as gardeners will tell you, the creativity and therapeutic benefits are great. We should all strive to develop green thumbs, and shoes can play a part!

If you want to have a cool accent piece or pieces for your home, not only should you have plants, but consider potting them in shoes! For example, you could put plants inside of pumps. Other cool ideas from Shelterness include everything from turning working boots, sneakers, and even cowboy boots into planters. Essentially, you’re limited by your imagination if you decide to take your footwear and make them into great talking pieces around your home.

Painting shoes

4) Nurture Your Artistic & Creative Spirit

Many people would love to tap into that creative spirit of when they were children. However, we get it; it’s hard for most to draw a straight line. Well, our fourth idea for how to make shoes last longer involves getting back in touch with your artistic side. Consider repurposing your footwear into artwork! One of the top reasons for doing it is because it’s a low-cost way to be creative.

In short, when you use your shoes for art, you don’t need to purchase too many costly art supplies. For example, you could decide to paint your old high-top kicks instead and freshen them up for more use. There’s a bit of a process to successfully painting your footwear, including having a toothbrush, hand soap, a pencil, and other items. But this Our Good Brands article will show you how to do some great creative and artistic work with your shoes.

sneaker bookends

5) Move Your Favorite Shoes to the Book Shelf

Many members of our team are readers, and we love books. While digital books are great and convenient to carry around, there’s something about holding a book. If you happen to be a book reader like us and have a favorite pair of shoes, you could turn the shoes into bookends. So, if you happen to have bookshelves, consider using your shoes as bookends.

Fortunately, Pinterest has lots of ideas for inspiration! So, as you could see, there are many things you could do with your shoes. Take a few minutes to check around your house and pull out your favorite shoes. Then consider what you could do with them so you could extend their life and to give you more joy. And, don’t forget if you have shoes, and want to start or join in supporting a worthy cause, consider a shoe drive fundraiser!


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