A Sneaker Fundraiser for Environmental Sustainability

Everyone loves their best sneakers for walking or running. But, did you know that when you’re done using them, you can give them a new life with a sneaker fundraiser? Let’s face it. We all need to play a part to help the environment. In case you didn’t know it, it can take more than an entire human lifetime for sneakers to decompose in landfills. You see, if you throw away shoes in the trash, they end up hurting the environment. Because of the dozens of parts stitched and glued together, and the fabrics and plastics used, it takes a long time for sneakers to break down. And, while they do, decomposing sneakers emit invisible toxins into the air. So when you’re done with your best sneakers for walking and running, consider getting rid of them responsibly. In other words, consider a sneaker drive.

Who Offers the Best Sneaker Fundraiser? Sneakers4Funds, of Course!

Sneakers4Funds, which is a brand of Funds2Orgs, can help you dispose of the best sneakers for walking or running, as well as other athletic shoes no longer needed. And, what’s more, you can do it in a socially responsible way with a sneaker fundraiser. We don’t throw sneakers in the trash. And, we don’t burn them either, as many brands do to protect their brand images. Instead, we partner with athletic and running groups, individuals, running store retailers, sports clubs, road races, teams, and mud run sponsors to collect sneakers for good.

Fundraisers that support families and individuals​

What’s more, when you partner with Sneakers4Funds for a sneaker drive, you benefit the world in three ways:


You raise money for a good cause with a sneaker fundraiser.


Your group prevents sneakers and athletic shoes from going to landfills.


You help support micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations. They need the best sneakers for walking or running to sell in their communities where walking is the primary mode of transportation due to poverty.

Sneakers For Good
The premier program from Sneakers4Funds is the Sneakers For Good program. People can send their gently worn, used and new running shoes to us in prepaid shipping bags and make a global impact.

Road Races
We partner with road races, including 5Ks, 10Ks, and marathons to collect sneakers and athletic shoes for a good cause. Again, participants have the opportunity to raise money for a purpose. And, they also help the environment and micro-entrepreneurs.

Mud Runs
Mud runners don’t just love their best sneakers for walking—they love them because they’re tough for running. During these unique events, Sneakers4Funds can help you make a difference for a good cause, people helping themselves out of poverty and also the planet.

Running Retailers
Running retailers can also provide sneakers for good. Instead of destroying usable sneakers, retailers can partner with Sneakers4Funds for corporate social responsibility, which positively impacts revenue.

Find out how Sneakers4Funds can help you with your sneakers for good. Simply call us at 407.930.2979 or email us at [email protected] for more information.


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