Sustainable transportation is all the rage these days. And, aside from the environment, it’s fun. Last week we gave you some of our ideas about what you can do this summer for sustainability. It included plans for green grilling and amazing eco-vacations. And, it also included ideas about cleaning out your closets of shoes and clothing.

This week, we’re going to talk about a few of the ways you can get around town. We’re all so lucky to have so many ways to get around these days. In the recent past, people only really thought about planes, trains, and cars. But, that’s no longer the case. If you look around at how people are getting around town, you’ll see new and cool ways to do it. So, let’s give a clap back to a few of these sustainable transportation methods. If you haven’t tried one of them yet, give it a try.



1) Electric and hybrid cars for sustainable transportation

We all know that burning gas is not suitable for the environment. And, so we have more people buying into Elon Musk’s vision of the future with electric cars. It used to be that you had to have charging stations, which made buying an electric car impractical for many people. Nowadays, that’s changing, and an added benefit is that it’s driving down the prices for electric and hybrid cars. New technology now allows you to drive distances on battery power you can charge from any outlet or on the go. And, car systems can also engage and disengage the gas usage, which improves air quality. And, don’t forget the sharing economy bought us ride-share companies.

2) Electric Bikes and Moped Scooters

Human pedal power on a bicycle is always the best way to go for sustainable transportation. But, if you want a bit of a boost, you can always buy or even share electric bikes and scooters (think of a Vespa). Biking is great because it’s a great cardio workout, and it also helps in building muscle tone. Still, sometimes you might want to have a little more fun and a lot more ease. So, you can buy or share an electric bike. But, if you’re up for something more daring with a moped, then try out a company like Revel. If you’ve always thought about trying out a moped scooter but didn’t want to invest, then now may be the time. They’re all excellent forms of transportation that are environmentally friendly and economical.

3) E-scooters for fun and sustainable transportation

If you live in one of the major cities in the U.S., then you’ve probably seen young adults and kids riding around on e-scooters. This mode of transportation is excellent. The compact size, weight, and ease of use for e-scooters are great. And, you can ride them where you might not be able to ride a moped scooter. Of course, some companies are looking to attract new share riders. As a result, even older people are getting in on the fun of riding an e-scooter. The trend has gone global, and you can ride e-scooters in large and small cities around the world, as people realize their fun and environmental impact.

4) One wheel skateboards, scooters, and hoverboards

If you’re someone that is looking to be ahead of the crowd, then you might want to consider a one wheel skateboard or a hoverboard. Companies such as Onewheel have taken the old-school concept of a skateboard and brought it into the 21st Century. When you ride one of their boards, you’re riding a skateboard on one wheel. You also have other modes of transportation such as the Airwheel single-wheel electric scooter. There’s so much that’s coming on the market now that the trend has taken off. And so, if a hoverboard is more your style, there’s plenty of cool ones out on the market.

5) Walking is still one of the best ways to get around

Finally, one of the best ways to get around is by using your feet. It might not be as fancy as the other modes of transportation we told you about today, but it’s 100 percent environmentally friendly. When you walk, you do a lot for the environment because you’re only expending your energy. You’re also doing some great stuff for your health by getting in better shape. As a result, if you walk just 30 minutes daily, you can strengthen your bones and muscles. You build up endurance and help your heart and cardiovascular system.

But, don’t forget, the more you walk, you’re going to have to get new pairs of sneakers or shoes. 70 percent of the global population uses footwear that has already been used.

We hope you enjoyed our 5 top solutions for sustainable transportation. There’s no time like the present to start sharing, walking, or going electric.


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