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Recruit your volunteers and develop your strategy
Recruit your volunteers and develop your strategy
Put your strategy in play by collecting gently worn, used and new shoes
Put your strategy in play by collecting gently worn, used and new shoes
Connect with your personal Fundraising Coach and we'll pick up your shoe collection
Connect with your personal Fundraising Coach and we'll pick up your shoe collection
Get ready to celebrate your check
Get ready to celebrate your check
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The answer is Funds2Orgs

Is your organization in need of unique fundraisers? If so, Funds2Orgs can help. We partner with nonprofits, schools, churches, and civic groups to help them achieve sustainability with REVENUE THAT IS GUARANTEED through engaging, fun fundraisers. When people find themselves in need, they often turn to nonprofit organizations for help. But when nonprofits need help, who can they turn to? At Funds2Orgs, we hear the distress from many churches, nonprofits, schools, and civic groups that are searching for their next fundraiser.

Proven Fundraisers to Help Meet Your Goals

In order to thrive and be successful, nonprofits, like their for-profit counterparts, must maintain a steady revenue stream. Unfortunately, sustaining this revenue stream proves difficult for the overwhelming majority of the more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations registered in the U.S. At Funds2Orgs, we deliver PROVEN fundraisers which provide REAL, RELEVANT, and ENGAGING events that make it easier than ever before to fundraise today for future success. Through shoe drive fundraisers, your organization helps individuals, families, and communities in developing nations while driving funds back to your organization’s mission and goal.

Fundraiser Branded Around YOUR Organization With No Up Front Costs

Funds2Orgs partners with your organization to help create a fundraiser that is branded around YOUR shoe drive. During your shoe drive fundraiser, you can expect the following at no cost to you or your organization:

  • Marketing and public relations materials to boost donations to your fundraiser
  • Event support and consultations from your Fundraising Coach and the entire Funds2Orgs team
  • A customer service driven team aimed to help you reach success with your fundraiser
  • Logistics support to coordinate the pickup and shipment of your shoes to micro-enterprises in developing nations

Ready to Get Started and Earn much needed funds?

We invite you to contact us today and find out how easy it is to raise money with risk free, engaging, fun fundraisers that have a proven track record of success. Reinvent your fundraisers and exceed your goals.
  • "I also want to thank you guys for allowing God to use you for this wonderful project.  It has been a joy meeting different people who are cleaning out their closets and opening their hearts.  It has been a lot of hard work, but a wonderful experience.  Thank you!"
    Melissa S.
  • “After having been a longtime event coordinator/fundraiser for some very high profile celebrity filled events, the Funds2org shoe drive that I held will be the fundraiser that I remember the most as my career goes on.  This fundraiser brought our community together more than I have experienced before.  Not only did we receive much press coverage, but we gained new supporters, volunteers and put our nonprofit on the map so to speak.”
    Melissa W.
  • "Thank you Fund2Orgs!  We just completed our shoe drive, and reached our goal of 7,500 pairs.  The shoe drive not only helped us to raise money to support our own programs, but allowed us to do good in our community by partnering with local businesses and organizations.  It was also a fantastic experience for our dancers, who learned the value of helping others.  The staff at Funds2Orgs were with us every step of the way, providing suggestions and tips for a successful drive.  I highly recommend this fundraiser."
    Jennifer W.
  • Our church held our first ever shoe drive on 2/2/12 which was Super Bowl Sunday… Only we called it Super Sole Sunday! There was a huge buzz as people brought their bags (almost 250) of shoes to a rented truck that we parked just outside the main entrance to where we meet for church. For us the entire program was a “win” “win” “win”. People that don’t normally get involved in outreach jumped in, our shoes will make a difference to people all around the world AND we’re using our payback money to help children in extreme poverty in Uganda get school supplies and plant a garden at their school.
    Darin B.
  • Working with Funds2Orgs was fun and easy. They are very helpful and I enjoyed working them. We received the bags right away and the bags were picked up on time and the check arrived within 2-3 days. It was the easiest fundraiser I ever organized.
    Lynn G.
  • A win-win fundraiser for our sports team. Was easier then expected to get all families to help meet our goal. Funds2Orgs was professional and timely in picking up shoes and delivering checks. Resources provided to get the word out on social media added to our success. A great alternative to traditional fundraising.
    Sue S.