You may have read that there is so much demand for GoFundMe fundraising online that most fundraisers fail. As professional fundraisers can well imagine, it’s obvious for people to turn to a crowdfunding campaign. However, what most people don’t realize is that successful fundraisers take a lot of promotion and creativity to be successful.

Nonprofits understand that they have to raise money for their causes, now more than ever. And, many nonprofit leaders are getting even more creative about how they diversify their revenue streams. So, let’s take a look at one of the most innovative approaches for fundraising online. And, what you’ll also discover is that a lot of the techniques you use for a shoe drive fundraiser can get used in almost any fundraiser!

Online Fundraising for Nonprofits with a Shoe Drive Fundraiser

One of the top nonprofit challenges for nonprofits is attracting donors. Still, with a significantly changed fundraising environment, it’s more necessary than ever. Fundraising online is a lot tougher, and nonprofit leaders know they face massive challenges ahead with so many job losses. In fact, many nonprofit experts and consultants are recommending that nonprofits prepare for a prolonged recession, which means shoring up reserves and diversifying revenue. And, that’s where a shoe drive fundraiser can help you raise money—without asking for funds.

If you have not heard of a shoe drive fundraiser, it’s one of the 80+ Unique (And Easy) Fundraising Ideas you can do, and one of the easiest ones for fundraising online. In the simplest terms, in a shoe drive fundraiser, you ask your supporters to collect shoes. Spring cleaning is an excellent time to ask people to empty their closets of the shoes they no longer need. You know the ones—those hidden in closets or garages. You then pick up the shoes left on peoples’ porches or driveways. Once you have collected shoes, an A+ and reputable social enterprise pays you for the shoes collected. Ultimately, you have the chance to raise money for your cause, support people living in developing nations, and the planet. In other words, it’s one of the most socially responsible fundraisers you can do.


Tips for Fundraising Virtually

Crowdsourcing shoes is an excellent way to raise funds. As we stated, your supporters have the opportunity to support your cause without opening their wallets. So, now we want to give you a few of the best tips and ideas for fundraising online. Some of these ideas are ones you can use for your shoe drive fundraiser, but also for any fundraiser. Remember, the whole notion of online fundraising for nonprofits is to motivate your supporters in creative and fun ways for increased engagement.

Rebuilding communities at home and abroad fundraising online

A shoe drive fundraiser is a chance for you to raise funds for your cause. But, it’s also an opportunity to show that your priority is to help rebuild your community at home, and also abroad. People in developing nations are in great need. The reality is that they need the inventory of shoes to sell in their communities. However, with sporadic port closures, it’s vital to keep inventory moving so that when ports do open, the shoes collected in the U.S. can make it into the hands of micro-entrepreneurs. This bridge between U.S. communities and those abroad is an excellent message for your supporters to see that you care about the collective good of people at home and also in poverty developing countries.


Getting creative for online fundraising for nonprofits—in the backyard

Did you ever think that during 2020 anyone can raise millions for charity? Well, it’s happening! Fundraising online takes a bit of creativity, telling your fundraising story, and understanding how to market the message. For instance, one 99-year-old former British officer has raised more than $15 million for healthcare. How in the world did he do it? He took his walker and did laps around his backyard, and people sponsored his cause. So, he had the chance to get some exercise, do 100 laps in his yard in advance of his 100th birthday and raise millions for medicine. And, all it took was ingenuity and creativity.

Learn to master your neighborhood online apps and groups

We’ve been sharing the great success that some of our partners have had by being super active in their local Facebook groups. There’s also a cool neighborhood app called Nextdoor, which connected nonprofit groups with people in their towns. Fundraising online in the digital world requires that nonprofits master social media. And, between Facebook groups, Instagram, and apps such as Nextdoor, you can reach many more people. Again, at a time when people are cautious with money, you want to go to the broadest audience possible. You can even use LinkedIn if you network smartly on the social platform. Check out how to Kickstart Your Nonprofit Marketing and Social Media in this guide.


Fundraising Online with Fun Online Auctions

Online fundraising for nonprofits is lots of fun when there’s a bit of competition. And, what more fun than being part of a virtual online auction? There are several excellent and inexpensive platforms to make sure your online auction goes off without a hitch. As an example, take a look at Capterra’s list of the best affordable auction software options for your nonprofit. Remember, many more people have recently become much more comfortable living and working remotely. And, that’s an opportunity for you to do innovative fundraising.

You can also have virtual drawings for cool prizes that you promote online. For instance, you can suggest that anyone who fills a bag with 25 pairs of gently worn, used and new shoes, they’re automatically in your drawing. In sum, if you get creative, you can do a lot of fundraising online successfully. It can be anything from crowdsourcing shoes in a shoe drive fundraiser to online raffles. All that’s required is thinking about how to raise money for your cause—easily.


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