If you have to raise funds for your nonprofit, school, civic, or religious group, you know you have to master social media. We aim to be the place where you get all of your information for online advertising and fundraising. Before we continue with our topic on social media ads (this is the second part of a two-part series), look at the recent webinar episodes. Each link has videos, audio, and downloadable PDFs, so you have essential information for easy reference.

Social Media Ads & What You Need to Know

For a recap of our first part for online advertising through social media ads, check it out HERE. And to access the second part in this series, please go HERE. Social media ads are an excellent opportunity for your organization to share your story. As we know, everyone is on social, including businesses with CSR for Social Good, to kids, parents, and everyone in between.

When you do social media ads, you want to be sure to mix things up. For instance, use graphics, photos, and videos. Facebook Live is great for your audience to take a behind-the-scenes peek of what you do or share events.

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Where to Start on Your Promotions

When you consider starting to use social media ads, you have to first think of your objectives. For example, you want to decide if you want to raise brand awareness, increase page traffic, or generate donor leads. So, when you use a platform for online advertising, think carefully about your goals.

Something that you want to make sure to do is to choose the best times to promote. However, keep in mind that you want to experiment and test what works best for you. When you do dynamic ads, such as on Facebook, you can upload as many as 10 videos or photos. So, social media ads could tell a full story of an event, for example, with this advertising type. For more information about dynamic ads, check out our FREE WEBINAR information.

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A/B Tests for Social Media Ads

Split testing, or A/B testing, is something you should always do, including online advertising. When you do it, you have the chance to learn what copy, images, or calls-to-action (CTAs) work best for you. Moreover, it’s an opportunity to experiment within platforms such as Facebook to optimize your audience.

When you do A/B tests for social media ads, make sure to choose the variable you want to test. You could decide to test your audience, creative assets, placements, delivery, or product set. For example, if you seek to test your creative assets, with A/B tests, you could discover which images or videos resonate best. Alternatively, you could also test our placing ads on Facebook or Instagram in terms of the Stories or Feeds to see which works best for your group.

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Tips for Fundraising On Social Media

We have several tips to share with you on your social media ads.

  • Use Facebook’s fundraising tools to add donate buttons within the platform to your page, posts, and videos.
  • Make it a point to convey urgency after sharing your fundraising story.
  • Always include CTAs in your online advertising, whether it’s donating, to like, or share.
  • To see what works best, you have to experiment. So, don’t be afraid to try out different approaches and ideas.
  • Use polls and surveys to get greater engagement on Facebook and Instagram Stories.

Finally, your group’s online advertising and fundraising need to be unique, creative, engaging, and fun. People want to support your cause, but you have to reach out to them in innovative ways. Remember, a great creative fundraiser idea is a shoe drive fundraiser. When you do one, there are zero out-of-pocket costs. You raise money for your cause quickly, and you help do so much more social good for your community and the planet! For more resources, please check out our free resource library.


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