This summer, you can join the millions who seek to help the environment. Going green is something that each of us has a responsibility to do for a better world. As we reported in our earlier blog in the series, here are some of the cold, hard facts:

  • We create 262 million tons of municipal waste each year.
  • 81 pounds of clothing is tossed away by each American.
  • Recycling lifts wages by $36.6 billion.
  • 70 percent of the global population uses reused clothing.

So, if those statistics sadden you as much as they do us, take a few minutes to catch up on our series about going green and sustainability. And then, read in this article about simple things you can do this summer at home and work to do better by the environment.

Going Green for the Summer!

We’re on a crusade. And we hope you are as well. Get your head in the game, and join the movement to do better by the environment.  So, let’s discuss some of the easiest ideas that you can do around the home or office to lower your carbon footprint.


1) Go paperless for the environment

Don’t print if you don’t have to at home or in the office to help the environment. In other words, stop killing the trees needed to make the paper and buying printers made of plastic. We live in the digital age, after all. So, operate out of the cloud with the storage of documents and work with digital file sharing platforms. If you do need to use paper, then reuse it. Reuse paper lunch bags for work, and when writing or printing, use both sides.

2) Use motion sensors at home

When you were growing up, your mom may have told you to turn off the lights when you left a room. And she was right. So, stop wasting electricity, which is terrible for the environment with wasteful energy use. Instead, install motion sensors that will turn on or off lights in rooms where you enter and exit. Yes, it’s the lazy approach to turning off the lights, but it works and may save you money on your electricity bill. There are plenty of motion sensors on the market that you can purchase for little cost.

3) Take your car for a tune-up

Were you aware that if you don’t have a tuned-up vehicle, you can lose up to 9 percent of its fuel efficiency? Now you know that for going green. So, go ahead and make sure you tune up your car each year. Even better, how about leaving the car at home, and taking alternative modes of transportation? The current world has many new and fun ways to get around town. And, if you want a few ideas about transportation, then check out our article about Sustainable Transportation: 5 Fun Solutions (INSERT URL).

4) Stop using phantom power around the office

At the office, and home, many of us are culprits of phantom or vampire power usage. In other words, we don’t help ourselves going green by having appliances around the house and equipment in the office plugged in when we’re not using it.  For instance, shutting down computers and printers is not enough. Instead, get yourself in the habit of powering off and unplugging all the equipment in your work station. When you do this, you’re making sure there is zero energy usage happening.

5) Dispose of shoes and clothing properly for the environment

Consumers are the worst offenders when it comes to textiles ending up in landfills. And, we each can stop that from happening. So, when you’re done using your shoes, remember that people around the world can use them. In other words, be socially responsible and consider a shoe drive fundraiser for a good cause. Or if you have clothing and mobile devices to dispose of, then consider giving it to a company like Head2Toe Recycling, which will also contribute to charity in your name.

Going green can be fun and not hard. All it takes is the first step on your part!


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