Nonprofit organizations understand that they have to master their digital content strategy. And, they know that social media is an essential part of the recipe for success. In this post, we’re going to share with you another vital piece of the equation. As we know, marketers and leaders speak about results. In the digital world, that means data information. So, we’re going to share a few ideas about social media analytics so you could ensure the success of your digital content strategy.

Before we get started on understanding analytics, we want to make sure you have everything about social media. Recently, we’ve shared with our audience these essential posts based on our webinars. If you missed any of them, here’s your chance to get critical information! Within each post, you have the opportunity to download all of the relevant files. Those include full webinar video, audio, and content decks.

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Key-Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Social Media Analytics

As we know, the digital world has brought a massive advantage. It means that almost anything you could think of is now measurable. So, when your nonprofit leaders or board as you for results, you could give it to them. That said, there’s a difference in analytics between key performance indicators, or KPIs for your fundraising versus social media. So, let’s start by learning the difference.

Fundraising KPIs

In fundraising, everyone always wants to know the results. So, some KPIs that your team may keep an eye on for your analytics include your donor growth (year over year). Of course, you always want to know your average gift size, especially at different giving levels. You want to know your donor retention rate from year to year. And you want to know how many gifts get received through differing revenue streams, including online.

KPIs for Social Media Analytics

As you would imagine, social media analytics differ from fundraising data. However, understanding your social media performance is crucial. It demonstrates how your message is penetrating your community. So, some KPIs for your analytics on social networking sites could include engagement rates, reach, and cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM). Of course, you’ll also want to know the percentage of lead generation and donor conversions for your fundraising team. Note, these KPIs will differ between platforms.

Social Media Analytics Insight Terms You Need to Understand

Before you explain your social media analytics to your board and executive team, you must know the basic terms. Yes, we know that there’s always stuff to know with data, and it’s continually changing. However, there are a few essential terms.

Reach: the total number of people who see your content, including posts.

Engagement: the interactions with your content, such as likes, comments, and shares.

CTR: the click-through rate.

A/B Testing: the testing you do between two versions of content to determine which performs better.

UGC: is user-generated content.

Dynamic Creative or Responsive Ad: are ads that automatically adjust in size and appearance, including copy of media.

Link Preview: a visual description of the link shared or posted.

Why You Need to Download the FREE Webinar Content

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